PixelJunk Eden: Trophies Galore

Playstation.Blog writes: "We've just wrapped up PixelJunk Eden, and it has been an incredibly interesting project from start to finish. We started off by getting an intern programmer from France to try and implement Baiyon's out-of-this-world foliage designs, and he did a good job with the help of one of our tech guys, and managed to replicate the look."

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skynidas3737d ago

Its a shame that i cant buy games from the PSN :(

skynidas3737d ago

I dont have a credit card...I need someone that share this game with me!!!!!!!!

Lastlivingsoul3737d ago

I've been waiting for PSN cards because for some reason Playstation won't accept by debit card, anyway, I just seen the $20 Playstation Network Prepaid cards Speedway gas stations around here (I live in Indiana) so I you have any speedway gas stations around check the gift card section

uckitsayitchbay3737d ago

You can use your paypal for the psn.. if you want to know how pm me because im not going through the prosses again but you can and i do it

Madgunner3737d ago

i do all my purchases thru Debit card why cant you?

g3nkie3737d ago

You should be able to use your debit card just as you would a credit card....... Thats all I use is my debit card and I haven't had any problems what so ever... :s

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chaosatom3736d ago

the youtube uploading will be revolutionary.

AlterEgo3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

PixelJunk Eden:

Sixaxis Support
Trophy Support
YouTube Upload Support (directly from in-game... ONE button)
Custom Soundtracks (I believe)
Cheap Price
Demo before game


PLUS this quote from the developer about PixelJunk Monsters trophies:

"I can say we're definitely looking into it.

...If we release a [trophy] patch, we will not only implement this but we will also implement XMB music and a couple of other things."

PixelJunk devs just keep pushing themselves farther into elite PSN status.

Can't wait.

AlterEgo3737d ago

Oh yea...

+ Remote Play

almost forgot


buckethead_X3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I'm starting to really like the developer of the PixelJunk games ^-^ I bet they will patch trophies into PJ:M a week after PJ:E comes out. btw, it's looking really cool. I wish my awesome HDTV was in the same building as my PS3 >_<

@above: exactly! bubble for you (^-^)--b

DJ3737d ago

And hopefully it becomes standard across all titles eventually, since it is built into the OS. How cool would it be to record your coolest moments in Motorstorm or Killzone?

Hopefully Sony will release a free video editing application so that we can create montages and change/add music before uploading.

PirateThom3737d ago

EyeCreate is free, an upgrade for that would be nice.

poopsack3737d ago

that would be so awesome, an update that lets you record a replay of any game, save it to the eyecreate software, and let you edit it, export it or send it directly to youtube.

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The story is too old to be commented.