The Nintendo Problem

"Nintendo has problems, that isn’t a surprise to anyone. But with their latest E3 Nintendo Direct they become painfully clear and make me wonder about their future in the console industry."

From Star Fox Zero to Amiibo's - Crash Landed give their opinion on the problems Nintendo face and potential solutions.

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leemass241246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

now i know n4g is just taking the pi$$, fast racing neo was shown last night for me, the story has only been put on n4g an hour ago and has no approvals this been on 6 mins at the time of me starting this and has 2 approvals...... should change you're name to troll4g.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1245d ago

You guys never run out of peopke to blame and excuses. I love Nintendo too, but lately they have screwed up royally. I'm only mildly interested in the NX, but with Iwata at the helm, i'm not excited. Wake me up when Iwata retires.

leemass241245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

what the hell you talking about i wasnt talking about nintendo at e3 and thats you're oppinion on what nintendo has or hasnt done recently, iv been having a blast on my wii u. you might want to learn how to read. i was talking how they approve articles like these over actual gameplay articles, you know because its meant to be a GAME site...... waking up to learn how to read might be a good start for you i think........

ritsuka6661246d ago

But with their latest E3 Nintendo Direct they become painfully clear and make me wonder about their future in the console industry."

I can't defend them anymore after they've burned me with the Wii U. From now on I'll be very cautious with their empty promises.

LOL_WUT1244d ago

Good to see you came to your senses. With all the outcry they got from that disastrous E3 I hope they make up for it next year in a form of new games or just by introducing us to their new console and giving us a reason why we should support them again. ;)

Moonman1245d ago

Article # 1,000,001. We get it. Bad E3...move on.

Jeez, they have enough money to make another dedicated platform. They are swimming in Amiibo dough, 3DS cash, Wii U actually sells at a profit believe it or not and partnering with Universal Theme Parks. Let them try to get it together. You think they didn't hear us yet? Iwata said he did.

iSuperSaiyanGod1245d ago

Then why isn't it together? Why isn't there a new Pokemon game or actually animal crossing . New Pokemon stadium? Pokemon Rpg for Wii u? They hear us but they're not listening . Totally different things

wonderfulmonkeyman1245d ago

If they were not listening at all, we would not be getting Star Fox.

Moonman1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Because maybe there isn't one? Or it's so early in development they don't want to show something that will take 3-4 more years? I don't work for

But I do know of a console company called PlayStation that released a PS3 that eventually turned into a success, but was hated on like crazy when it was released for $600. Sony listened... this generation, now PS4 is on top of the gaming world. Let Nintendo get that tough love or hate from fans and try to GET IT TOGETHER.

Nintendo sold 100 million consoles just last generation. They were feeling themselves to say the least..which is most likely part of the problem

iSuperSaiyanGod1245d ago

That looked mediocre. That graphics looked horrible . People wanted to complain about fallout graphics . But star fox looks liked something ran on a GameCube .

shaw981245d ago

These articles are starting to get old. The show sucked ya, but stop treating it like the end of the world. They honestly did not have anything new to show. It is not like Nintendo is forcing a bad business practice on us. There are a ton of great games coming to wii u. Stop whining on for days how they did not announce a game coming in 2017. One of these articles on N4G is enough honestly. We know it sucked, get over it.

Moonman1245d ago

Exactly, and they could of also got Steven Spielberg to produce their Digital Event but with little new software to show off it still would have been all style no substance.

I absolutely hate waiting years for games now. It was cool last generation but announcing The Last Guardian 7 years ago and still no release date has burned me. Show it off if it's coming in at most a year. But showing CGI for 2020....bullshit.

ABizzel11245d ago

These articles wouldn't exist if Nintendo got their stuff together.

These articles are fans who are sick of Nintendo just not getting it. Every years fans ask for games in many of their numerous franchises to be made and Nintendo ALWAYS fails to deliver any of those titles that gamers have been asking for since the Wii (almost 10 years now, and at least 6+ years for the laundry list of games people want from Nintendo).

Nintendo had this ignorant mentality that they solely know what's best for their fans (and creatively they do sometimes), but it's also what keeps them in this loophole of under delivering when it comes to hardware, services, and software. No one can deny Nintendo can make a hit, but it's 1 or 2 hits every year which isn't enough considering they have no 3rd party support outside of Japan, and have their dev teams split between their dying console and 3DS.

All it takes is a moment to listen to your fans and see what they want because they are the ones buying your product.

When it comes to hardware choices Nintendo is by far the worse of the big 3 technologically speaking, because size, form factor, and TDP are the most important factors to them and that's the most ignorant way to design a console. Their focus need to be value and performance which will give then some form of 3rd party support.

They need to get a competitive online network together.

They need to make the franchises fans have been asking for.

And they need new management who understand not only the Japanese market but also the West.

And then Nintendo can get back into the console race, because as if noe Nintendo is nothing but a Smash and Zelda box for me, because those are the only 2 big franchise we're guaranteed to see on each console going forward, and 3d Mario.

RPGrinder1245d ago

Nintendo falls to deliver? Lets see what they have brought back:

Star Fox
Kid Icarus
Golden Sun
Sin and Punishment

and on and on. So they do nothing for fans huh?

You call Nintendo dellusional, but that title should be reserved for you.

ABizzel11245d ago


Where's our true 3D Mario, Pokemon MMO, Pokemon Snap, or even Pokemon Stadium, Metorid, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, F-Zero, Advanced Wars, a real Animal Crossing, and of the games you listed only 1 is on Wii U as a retail game.

If anyone's delusion it's you ignorant diehard fanboys.

Nintendo is dead last and flailing like a Magikarp on land, and as long as you ingnorant fanboys get 1 or 2 games you want a year you don't care.

The people who are complaining are the ones who want to see Nintendo succeed and be successful in the industry, and not continue with the console sales decling they've been having since the NES (excluding Wii).

If you're happy and satisfied fine, but don't add your unnecessary 2 cent that can't pay the bill, to anyone's logical and much needed criticism because you're a diehard. Struggling to sell 10m console on hardware that been out for nearly 3 years is a failing console. Having no western 3rd party support is a failing console, hardware wise the Wii U is a failed console especially when considering the price : performance.

Nintendo has to do better, and the fans should be demanding that they do better, and not settling for what Nintendo tells you is best.

Nintendo is lost, and have no direction on where to go in the current industry.

paul-p19881245d ago

Whilst I agree with the "we don't need more than 1 of these articles" approach of your comment, it is quite worrying how the bloggers/journalists writing them have changed. It used to just be sites not really associated with Nintendo, or even Playstation or Xbox fansites, now most of them are coming from Nintendo fansites.

If Nintendo are upsetting their most hardcore, the ones who set up fansites to share their love for a console/company with like minded people, that is when you should start to realise you have made a serious mistake and try to stop it happening again, only problem is Nintendo recently don't quite know how to stop making mistakes...

N4g_null1244d ago

It's just bury nintendo time. I would doubt it if these guys actually worked for Sony or ms. Sure starfox graphic sucked a little. So did other early looks for Nintendo games. The truth is there good out weights their bad but the fan boys want to bury nintendo.

They should stick to their guns even if I don't like it. Heck I don't like adult swim right now. Should they stop making it no... I don't like the ps4 right now should they stop making it no. Vita has no support should they stop making it... wait have they?

People can be sheep but eventually they wake up. Nintendo still makes the best playing games... do they need some better artist.. maybe.

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just-joe1245d ago

Yeah, let's completely overlook the 6 games they're releasing for the Wii U this year

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1245d ago

WOW! Six whole games! That many?


Movieworld1245d ago

Yes lets. They'e not that exciting and its not enough. There is a longer list of top end games that are NOT coming out for the Wii U than games that are

N4g_null1244d ago

I don't know splatoon is great, xenolade will be great, ff6 is sweet, starfox lol it could get better lol. Mario make is epic. Then we have zelda! Plus all of the games that came before that. But hey who am I kidding you guys don't like those games. That intirly your problem not mine. Sf5 is going to be sweet on pc also!

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