Great's Anatomy - E3 Special Episode of The Best Video Game Podcast

"We're still in shock after Sony's unbelievable E3. We discuss the games, and how miraculous is was for 'the big three' to come back from the dead all at the same time." -GR

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01:04 - Three huge surprises from Sony
04:39 - The outrageous coincidence that made this possible
05:30 - How long have we waited for The Last Guardian, FFVII Remake and Shenmue 3?
07:00 - Which of these three is the most surprising?
16:33 - Nostalgia is contagious
21:11 - Complaints about multiplatform are stupid.
25:02 - Who "won" E3 and other console war BS
29:35 - It's OK to be excited about different things

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knifefight1221d ago

The whole show was amazing. Every system got something really cool to look forward to.

Godmars2901221d ago

Still, largely because of console was BS, many want to insist that "their" console did far better while the competition only failed.