E3 2015: What They Didn’t Show You in the Uncharted 4 Presentation

Overmental: Despite a small hiccup at the beginning of the Uncharted 4 presentation at the Sony Press Conference, the game looked like the kind of high-octane action that we’ve come to expect from the franchise. But what if I told you that there was a whole extension of that sequence that folks at home didn’t get to see?

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SniperControl1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

I just keep looking at this game in total awe, some of those screenshots, jeez, absolutely stunning.

First we are getting the Nathan Drake collection then Uncharted 4, it's such a good time to be a PS4 owner.

@Ezz2013 below

It's voodoo i tell ya, voodoo!

Ezz20131244d ago

I just don't know how ND do this ?!

I_am_Batman1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Yeah. Expectations for ND games are extremely high and yet somehow they still manage to exceed them every time. It's crazy how good they are.

UltraNova1244d ago

Absolutely phenomenal looking! ND never seizes to amaze us...

UKmilitia1244d ago

i always think the same thing everytime they release a game.

"it cant look any better "
yet the next game seriously blows me out of the water and just wows me,they seem to be the industry lvl setters for everything and i dont understand why other devs are not doing same way.

itBourne1244d ago

Didn't read the article because I seen stuff about story. I realllllly hope ND doesn't give away to much of the story like they did with uncharted 3.

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Septic1244d ago

Lets be honest, whislt those are in-engine, the game doesn't have that high detail when it comes to actual gameplay. All the past games do that.

BUT saying that, the visuals are still untouchable when you see the gameplay in action. From the wide open spaces, the abundance of NPC's and then the physics of objects in the game; it looks like UC4 will be the best in its class, again.

Forn1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

You must be joking? The game literally looked like that during gameplay. Not to mention all that is going on around Drake during motion makes it all the more impressive.

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D3athc3ll1244d ago


Fanboys will always be blind, deaf and dumb!

Your'e statement is one of the best in this comments section.

It looks good no doubt, I'd even go as far and say it looks like the best graphics game to date!


Downgrade is downgrade and we will continue to see lots of them this gen. At least it aint as big as a downgrade as Killzone 2 fake trailer lol years back on ps3 lol.

I do own a ps4 and will get this game no doubt. But I will always remember last year's e3 stating in-engine graphics and ND stating it will look like that. Well, it is not even close!! Still great like Septic said, it is still the best out there for now.

Truth is, fanboys..... Blind as *%*&$&

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1244d ago

It's incredible. It looks like there was zero aliasing in that whole demo.

icerob1244d ago

its gonna be a long 9 months for PS4 owners..

dja1nhb1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

scripted or not you have to agree it looks good full of action that just make you want to keep playing as an xbox owner having played previous uncharted games im tempted to get a ps4 for this and the remasted games this gears 4 and forza were my games of e3 this year

UKmilitia1244d ago

when u compare it to the nearest game (tomb raider) there is a huge difference and as with last gen ND will set the lvl expected in this type of game.

ltachiUchiha1244d ago

With the team who made UC2 & TLOU behind UC4 there is no doubt this game will be nothing less then SPECTACULAR. U already know UC4 will be in the mix for GOTY in 2016. Its a long wait but luckily Fallout 4 will hold me over until then.

chrisx1244d ago

Naughty gods is a fitting name

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