Nintendo Treehouse @ E3 2015 – FAST Racing Neo

Nintendo Treehouse sits down with Manfred Linzner (of Shin'en Multimedia) to preview his upcoming eshop title; Fast Racing Neo.

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leemass241219d ago

i see this is finally posted on n4g after like 8 hours........... good job n4g.... games looking awesome though and they were on the slowest game mode its crazy.

N4g_null1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Thank you conference recovered lol. Why can't star fox look like this?

You know what nintendo needs to make these guys second party. Look at those physical based shaders...

jcnba281218d ago

This looks awesome, well done Shin'en!

Big_Game_Hunters1218d ago

I don't get it, Nintendo had something like this in Their pocket yet they leave it out of the Digital event. Game looks sweet though.

leemass241218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Yeah its abit strange the thing im thinking is nintendo were like hmm maybe we should show it on the treehouse and show an extended look at the game and not just show a trailer, which does make sense, however a trailer for this game devils third and fatal frame with xenoblade and shin megami x fire emblem would of done wonders for thier presentation.

gameboy11218d ago

Exactly a trailer or Treehouse for an extended look I'm glad it was on Treehouse rather then Direct.

Mega_Volnutt1218d ago

Star Fox is awesome, but seriously needs some update in the graphics department. It really looks like a gamecube game. But this game.....dayum...its sexy as hell...

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