Sony E3 2015 Interview: Final Fantasy 7 Exclusivity, Faith in The Last Guardian, Backing Vita

GameSpot speaks with PlayStation Europe's chief executive, Jim Ryan.

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Fro_xoxo1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

Their fall line-up may not be comparable to XOs this fall, but it'll suffice still.

We can discuss FF7s remake exclusivity when it has a release date. Knowing Square Enix, we might not see this remake for about a decade.

The Last guardian looks like it was meant to be a PS3 title, happy for the fans that it'll finally be releasing.

Vita. . . I own one, still looking for a reason to turn it on.

Septic1401d ago

Yeah a lot of people are disappointed with the visuals of TLG but I am not. In fact, I love the art style. Yeah I was expecting a little better in terms of raw fidelity when I first watched it but that instantly went away when the charm of the game took over.

FF7 exclusivity needs to be clarified but I reckon it will be a long time since we hear about it. But I will be very surprised if its anything more than a PC/PS4 exclusive. I cannot see this coming to X1. More than that though, I want a release date. You're right; this could take ages to be released. I really don't want that.

pedrof931401d ago

Shadow of Colossus and Ico weren't top of the top even in Ps2 standards back then. I think Devs prefer the game to focus on physics rather than graphics.

SaveFerris1401d ago

If it were only PS4 and PC, why didn't Sony and SE just announce it right then and there, unless Sony is currently negotiating with SE for console exclusivity?

ShugaCane1401d ago

Team Ico's games story, universe, writing, art style and music are more worth than the best graphics in the world.

thereapersson1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

Why would anyone be disappointed by TLG's graphics? The art style and atmosphere are complemented by the ethereal world, and the visual delivery suits the game just fine.

Anyone complaining about graphics when discussing The Last Guardian should really just quit gaming.

mikeslemonade1401d ago

TLG isn't top notch graphics but it's not the worst looking game. It still looks better than Dragon Age, Evil Within, and Destiny.

But my expectations for three big annoucements at Sony are they are really suppose to be "current gen" games.

FF7 remake my standards aren't too high on that. If it looks atleast like a PS3 game I'm fine. Shenmue 3 will look like a PS3 game or worst. And TLG, I don't require it to look great. But TLG still looks better than atleast 25% of current gen games out there right now.

gamer78041401d ago

This definitely won't come to PC before Xbox One, recently they have had releases on console first, followed up a couple years later by a PC version. That said i based on recent previous FF titles , it will come to PC at some point.

If it wasn't coming to Xbox, Sony would have announced it as a "Console Exclusive" and not "First on PS4"

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thereapersson1401d ago

"I wouldn't say we have become the industry's default option, because there are other factors come into play, such as amounts of cash. But I would say we're starting to become the first thing a publisher thinks about when they consider partnerships."

trywizardo1401d ago

i FF7 is PS4 exclusive then I'll get a PS4 instead or X1 , but i really don't think so
timed exclusive maybe ...

etownone1401d ago

You still haven't jumped into next gen??

And your basing your desicion on a remake that has no release date?? Lol. OK

trywizardo1401d ago

so far I'm stuck , PS4 lacks good AAA exclusives and MS console lacks power , couple of my friends tells me to get PS4 to play MP with them and I want to play halo 5 -_-
that's why I'm counting on exclusives to choose between them , and timed exclusives is not exclusives

mhunterjr1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

I actually like TLG's visuals... Sure there are far more impressive next gen visuals, but the Art, Physics and Animations are just so damn charming...

I get that everyone wants to see hardware pushed to its limits, but I don't think that's the end all be all of visuals...

GenuineGamer1401d ago

Yeah not every single game is gonna be a graphical showpiece that pushes the HW to its limit. Gaming is about more than jus graphics and although I'm not really interested in it, TLG graphics look like it will suit the game just fine.

etownone1401d ago

It loOKs the same as the 2009 preview on ps3.

Sorry... try and suger coat it all you want but that's just disappointing

jXales1399d ago

Why isn't anyone talking about the fact sony has publishing rights for five in NA and EU?
does the contract not apply anymore or what?

Has sony allowed SE to put it on other consoles anyone know how this kinda stuff works?