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Ben from TG: When it comes to making appointments for E3 there are some things that you know you just have to see. When the invite came through for 30 mins with Project Morpheus I was more than happy to book my slot. There has been an immense amount of hype surrounding Morpheus ever since Sony revealed they were working on it. Today was my first chance to see one up close, put it on and try out Virtual Reality on PS4.

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Rimeskeem1217d ago

So far everyone who has tried it seems like enjoy the experience it gives. This is great news for VR!

also, second to last paragraph, 1 line, "al" I'm assuming to should be 'all'

johndoe112111217d ago

The saddest thing about this review is the fact that people will read it, give all sorts of opinions on it, start comparing it to Oculus Rift and state why it just won't compete, all the while completely ignoring the part of the review that stated this:"The display was on par with what I have seen from the likes of Gear VR and the Oculus DK2 but the comfort factor was the best I’ve experienced so far."

For some reason even though I have seen tons of impressions on morpheus saying that it is a great experience and very much comparable to OR, people keep bashing it, downplaying it and claiming its doom.

AgentSmithPS41217d ago

Sony better do a great job of getting this onto people's faces so they can spread the word, then if anyone bashes it people will look at them like they're nuts.