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Join Windows Central on an in-depth look into Elite Dangerous, newly arrived on Xbox One via the new Game Preview program.

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TotalSynthesisX1220d ago

I've had the game on PC for a few weeks and only now do I feel fully comfortable with it. The author is correct in that ED *does* have a steep learning curve, and the in-game tutorials don't offer much, but in the end it's truly an amazing experience, mainly for the exploration aspect.

Once you get a good ship and a high-end Frame Shift Drive (it's not necessary, but the better the FSD = the longer the jump range = the faster the trip), the entire galaxy opens up and you can see everything from supergiants, nebulae, neutron stars and even black holes (the last two of which are incredibly spooky to see up close). The trip itself can be intense at times, especially when you have to graze the outer corona of a star to refill your fuel tank, knowing getting too close can overheat your ship and cause damage--sometimes even causing individual modules to malfunction or even stop working altogether (RIP cargo hold 6/16/2015 - 6/18/2015).

But this is coming from a guy that's been in love with outer space since his childhood years, so if you don't care much about seeing the sights, you'll probably get bored pretty quickly if all you do is complete bounties and shoot pirates. But Frontier is promising us some really good add-ons later down the road, so I'm optimistic.

JezC1220d ago

Thanks for reading mate. Yeah I'm hopelessly addicted to upgrading my ship, blowing up pirates and look forward to exploring the systems beyond the game's various factions. There's an undercurrent of brilliance about it, but I think the game will remain with niche appeal. I feel they could take it mainstream so easily WITHOUT compromising the learning curve and immersion with just a few tweaks. Adding EVE-like corporations would be really cool ;-;