Metroid Prime: Blast Ball Rolls All Over Fan Expectations | VGChartz Preview

VGChartz's Brent Galietti: "While normally the cursor points directly in front of you, you also can use gyroscopic control to try and push the ball in the right direction. However, I noticed that even when I did this it didn’t seem to affect the ball much, if at all. Also, when the ball gets stuck against a wall, it's hard to pry it out with all of the crossfire going on.

Blast Ball is a simple and flawed multiplayer game, but it still has plenty of time to be tweaked into a better experience. It will release as part of Metroid Prime: Federation Forces on the 3DS in 2016."

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XXXL1271d ago

Nintendo slapping the name Metroid on this title is a complete insult. What a joke. Thanks for pissing in my Cheerios