Toasters, PS4, Robots, and Xbox One’s New Experience…

As we all know from 360 to Xbox One there was a huge dropoff when it came to the experience of making parties, inviting friends, and doing other quick and easy tasks. Well it looks like Xbox has finally decided to address it and then some.

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B1uBurneR1245d ago

I like Robots. Darpa should do quality testing of MS bots before releasing it to the public though.

SliceOfTruth8881245d ago

I can't believe Iam saying this but that toaster reference is so true lol


Indeed, that toaster reference is so true and I have been saying this since the beginning. I want more than just a good cell phone that makes phone calls, I want a smartphone. Right now some people don't get that, but they will eventually.

Spotie1245d ago

Odd that, with all the media apps available, people want to view the PS4 as a one-trick pony.

ShowanW1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

i get the analogy, but the author is going to have a ton of fanatics on his hands with that one.

gamebrosshow1245d ago

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