Source 2 is Here in the Dota 2 Reborn Beta

Valve has just released the Reborn Beta for Dota 2 and it's being powered by the Source 2 engine.

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-Foxtrot1217d ago

That's right Valve work on Source 2 stuff for DoTA....not anything else which actually deserve it more

Valve - Working on the stuff the lowest amount of people care about...compared to other games

Intentions1217d ago

You do realise Dota 2 is their most played game? It makes sense for them to test it with their most populated game.

-Foxtrot1217d ago

Most populated doesn't mean most popular

We all know what is

OneAboveAll1217d ago

They are working on some big games. They wouldn't just create source 2 just for a game such as Dota 2.

urwifeminder1217d ago

Tried it to see why people like it ,all I did was manage to get abused lol certainly not my type of game may just play in the future for abuse like Smite the meltdowns are funny get better at the game ahh no thanks.