Sony at E3 2015 – The Highs and Lows

PS4Home: "Whilst there was some exciting news from the non-Sony camp, it was obvious that the PS4 was the star of the show, yet again."

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nicksetzer11271d ago

Highs for me were Horizon and uncharted 4.

Lows were dream and The last guardian. (Ico was my favortie ps2 game released, tgl just doesn't impress me though)

ShugaCane1271d ago

Ico and TGL share so many similarities that it is hard to believe what you just said about either TGL and Ico being your favourite ps2 game.

But that is just my opinion.

I agree on Horizon and UC 4, though.

nicksetzer11271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Yes, you're right, I don't like ICO thanks for helping me know my own feelings....

Ico was beautiful and every action made had a reaction. There was combat, teamwork and puzzle solving all combined into one package. This game you just jump accross gaps continuously just "barely making it." There was no puzzle, no combat, and really no teamwork, other than barely missing jumps and being saved. Maybe it was just a bad demo, but if the game just consists of what was in the demo, it looks terrible.

The fact you think these 2 games look the same is not inly an insult to ICO, but to your own perception of reality.


Bathyj1271d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they've been honing the game design for 6 years but they're going to abandon everything they worked on as well as their design philosophy for their previous games, and just have you jump big gaps for 8 hours.

OWW. I rolled my eyes so hard I saw the back of my skull.

Elda1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Mostly highs,the lows MM:Dreams & hardly any AAA Vita titles.

WickedLester1271d ago

Highs - Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4

Lows - Dreams and PS Vue

Toiletsteak1271d ago

Horizon has to be the best thing shown at Sony's E3, there is plenty of love for that game already and it deserves it.

Blastoise1271d ago

Highs - Horizon, Uncharted, Last Guardian, Shenmue, Final Fantasy VII, The World Of Final Fantasy, Dreams

Lows - Disney Infinity, Vue, timed exclusive Call Of Duty DLC

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