Sony Dodges Questions on FFVII Remake PS4 Exclusive Timing

"Timed exclusives are often seen as a way for one console maker or the other to deliver a bit of service to its customers, while (they hope) adding appeal to those on the fence about purchasing their product. These deals, of course, generally come with STFU clauses about just how long people have to wait. If they know, they can resign themselves to wait. If they don’t, they’re more likely to break down. That’s just how the mass market works." -PSLS

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Snookies121218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

It can be exclusive for a couple of days and it'll sell consoles like crazy. I know a lot of fans that would not be able to wait a day knowing this is out already on PS4 rather than PC, X1, or Wii U.

No matter how long it's exclusive, it's still a big deal.

mikel10151218d ago

Just like Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbone Amirite?

MRMagoo1231218d ago

Tomb raider lol ff7 is in a whole other league.

firelogic1218d ago

SE should move it into 2016 because their timing couldn't be more terrible. Not only are they competing with Fallout 4 on the same day, they're fighting for dollars with big games in the last quarter like

Halo 5
Dragon Quest Heroes
Assassin's Creed Syndicate
CoD Black Ops III
Persona 5
Need for Speed
Rainbow 6
Uncharted Collection
Just Cause 3
Star Wars Battlefront

Tomb Raider is going to be DOA.

ShinMaster1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

@ mikel1015

Not sure what you're trying to say.

He's saying that even if it was timed exclusive for 2 days, it'll sell a lot and very quickly.

Not sure what Tomb Raider has to do with anything, considering that the majority of the fanbase for Tomb Raider are on PlayStation followed by PC gamers. Same with Final Fantasy and most JRPGs.

kingdomtriggers1218d ago


Army_of_Darkness1218d ago

Tomb raider is great and all, but FF7... kinda like the Micheal Jordan of video games.
I've never bought a fully priced game for years but when FF7 remake releases, I'll be one of the first in line.

Nirvana315911218d ago

Why would Sony announce what kind of exclusivity they have on this game and why is this interviewer even comparing this to Tomb Raider? I preordered TR on PS4 and every big retailer was taking preorders for the PS4 version before Microsoft decided to buy timed exclusivity. It was important for Square to clear this up because their customer's money was involved. FF7 Remake is however announced for PS4 and seeing how more and more SE titles are getting exclusivity on PS4, I'd keep my expectations low for an Xbox version. PC version is probably the one they're talking about when they say "PS4 first". It's also make zero business sense to release this game on Xbox One because JRPGs sell like crap on Xbox.

ABizzel11218d ago

I knew someone would post this but what can they really say. Tomb Raider was planning on launching the following year. FF7 is at least 3 years away since FF15 is 2016, hopefully Kingdom Hearts is 2017, so how on earth could they fully know. On top of that they might actually be trying to make it a complete exclusive by then or simply a JP exclusive which is pointless IMO.

It sucks not to know considering the same happened with TR but this game is at least 3 years away.

Infernostew1218d ago

Rise of the Tomb Raider needs to worry more about releasing on the same day as Fallout 4 rather than if it can ever be talking about in the same breath as FF7.

joab7771218d ago

Not the same. I can wait to play Tomb Raider in 2016. There's plenty of games to play this yr. But, when FF7 launches, I won't wait.

And I wouldn't dream of playing it on anything but a Playstation. I am glad it's coming everywhere though, b/c everyone needs to play it.

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kreate1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Ill be in line for ff7 on release and I dont even have a ps4 ...

morganfell1218d ago

I would say that right now, if nothing further happens between the companies that its timed. But Sony may be gauging public reaction to the announcement and could currently be in talks with SE to adjust or eliminate that window.

bouzebbal1218d ago

media are so annoying..

"But that is ambiguous. People who want to buy this game don’t know how long it will remain as a PlayStation 4 exclusive"
have you ever heard of system seller? This for sure is one of them!

nix1218d ago


you have to understand that you're playing games like Tomb Raiders because of games like FFVII came out first and opened the gates and hearts of many gamers who are still passionate about games because of such games. i agree Tomb Raiders brought in new generation of gamers but the games like TR would not have even come out if the games like FFVII were supported heavily by the gamers of those days.

i know TR and FFVII are of different genre but what i'm trying to say is that the games evolved from just being shooting or jumping or solving puzzles to having a powerful story that touches every gamers' hearts. all thanks to games like FFVII or Shenmue series back then.

Septic1218d ago

A lot of noise was made about the ambiguity regarding X1 exclusivity of Tomb Raider and the so-called refusal by MS to clarify details regarding it. I wonder how long people are willing to tolerate the non disclosure on this one? Or does it not matter because of the nature of this particular game as a remake and its traditional platform association?

Mr Pumblechook1218d ago

At last year's E3 Sony said you could play Destiny first on PlayStation - and then explained it was via an Alpha and Beta test. This year Sony said FFVII you could play first on PS4, they didn't say 'console debut.' So it makes me think that it is possible it will launch simultaneously on all platforms and have an early demo on PS4.

freshslicepizza1217d ago

tomb raider is very relevant to the discussion so don't try and act like it's not. it was part of the interview and sony is doing the same old song and dance microsoft did about how long the timing is and other details. so of course it's fair to compare the two and to compare how the forums react to each companies refusal to give out the details. so let's not move the goal posts because we might like one game more than the other or think one is a better system seller than the other.

MRMagoo1231217d ago


Tombraider was already being made for the ps4 and was already taking preorders, then MS came along and paid to get it delayed, nothing like being the same is it.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1217d ago

@ Septic and Moldybread.

The two situations are completely different and I don't know how you can't see that.

Microsoft came out and tried to fool everybody into thinking that TR was a full exclusive. They even flat out lied.

Sony have made it clear from the start that FF7 is a timed exclusive. No lies no misdirection.

gangsta_red1217d ago

"The two situations are completely different and I don't know how you can't see that."

I love how the situations are always completely different when it comes to Sony.

It's not different, Sony is not discussing if the game is exclusive or not. They are being ambiguous the same way MS was with TR.

But now the situation is different. Hilarious.

cell9891217d ago

Tomb Rider is gonna get swallowed alive by the plethora of games coming out this holiday season. Theres a reason Uncharted 4 was delayed till Spring 2016, smart move. Going against Fallout 4 on the same day release is bad enough as it is. That exclusivity deal was meant to sell consoles, how successful will this turn out to be? I mean you got people busy with Blackops, assassins creed, NMS, Fallout. Bad timing imo, but what do I know, I just a gamer

DragonKnight1217d ago

In one sense it's fair to bring up Rise of the Tomb Raider. Both games are from the same publisher, both had similar wording in their announcement.

On the other hand, frickin' lol at the idea that FFVII fans are on the Xbox One, that a JRPG would do well on the Xbox One, and at the fact that A) SE is bringing Nier, World of Final Fantasy, and Star Ocean 5 console exclusive to PS4 and B) There have been several versions of FFVII, spinoffs of it, and other FF Remasters and none of them have been on Xbox consoles. Not any of the FFVII ports are on Xbox, but FFVII is on PSN, PS1, and soon PS4. FFX, a remaster, is not on Xbox but is on PS3 and PS4. Crisis Core is on PSP, Dirge of Cerberus is on PS2, both KH games that feature FFVII characters are also NOT on Xbox consoles, neither are the remakes.

FFVII is completely absent on Xbox consoles in every way imaginable. This "first on PS4" means "also on PC" as was the original game. You can count on it.

fanboysmackdown1217d ago

Xbone.....haha, did you just make that year old joke up again. Wow, didn't know the fangirls were still using that.

freshslicepizza1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )


they are the same because neither sony or microsoft wants to let the public know exactly what the exclusive deal means as far as time length and what platforms either game will come to.


you also thought microsoft would do the same thing they did before as far as supporting the pc years ago when they tried with games like shadowrun. you thought fable legends would be the only game they offered cross play with the xbox one and pc. windows 10 and bridging that with the xbox one seems to be very much in the cards as they move forward. ffvii may come to the xbox one later who knows but you sure are doing everything you can to try and convince otherwise. why you care so much if it does or doesn't only you know.

DragonKnight1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

@saltybread: What does anything of what you said have to do with what I said. MS' own actions are not SE's actions and bringing games to the PC is not bringing games to the Xbox One.

"ffvii may come to the xbox one later who knows but you sure are doing everything you can to try and convince otherwise. why you care so much if it does or doesn't only you know."

Good question saltybread, why do you care what people say so much? Are you a Betazoid? By that I mean a telempath? I mean I ask because literally every time you post it's "why do you care" or "why you care" or "these people care" as though you have read concern in people's posts that only you see.

I asked you before, I'll ask you again, is it a function of your daily life to concern yourself with what the concerns of other people are? Are you that much of a busybody that you need to concern yourself with the opinions and statements of others and the motivations or feelings behind them? Do you need to find a way to exceed even Deep Sea levels of salt, to actually being a pure salt mine of salt?

**EDIT** Also lol at your implication that because MS is trying to bridge their games with PC via Windows 10 that that necessarily means all PC games means Xbox One games too. Just frickin' lol at the reaching on that one.

Kyizen1217d ago

I just don't get SE on Tomb Raider. The reboot came out, PS3, Xbox360, PC and it sold like 5.6 million and they said it didn't meet their expectations. So now they make the new one a timed exclusive...M$ must of dumped a lot of money on them. Add that to the fact that the release window is terrible as people have pointed out. Yes it is I don't think it will sell half as much as the last one.

bradleejones1217d ago

In 1997 ( or whenever it was) ffvii was a pretty big deal head and heels over pretty much everything out there. Tomb raider was certainly groundbreaking too, but not to the extent of ffvii. How old were you when ffvii came out? If you were around 13-18 then it was a huge deal.

Aloren1217d ago

@nix,"you have to understand that you're playing games like Tomb Raiders because of games like FFVII came out first and opened the gates and hearts of many gamers who are still passionate about games because of such games."

Well, Tomb Raider existed before FFVII.

RedDevils1217d ago

Are trying to compare an egg with a rock? LMFAO

ziggurcat1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )


"It's not different, Sony is not discussing if the game is exclusive or not. They are being ambiguous the same way MS was with TR."

not. even. close.

MS is being ambiguous about the other platforms the game is going to be on, sony has not been ambiguous about that at all - they said it's coming to PS4 *first*, which means it *IS NOT* exclusive. they aren't saying that it's "holiday exclusive 201X", and then telling people they don't know where else it's going to end up. they would have said it was console exclusive if it was only coming to PS4/PC.

and the article is just about the *length* of the timed exclusivity, not whether it's console exclusive, and PC-only.

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Pogmathoin1218d ago

Seriously? People have been wanting a good FF game to follow this, not a remake..... I am sure people will get this for nostalgia, but gaming has come along way since.... Hope its priced to reflect it, $30 or so, any more its its a blatant cash grab.....this or Last Guardian..... Easily TLG......

ShinMaster1218d ago

Unless you've been living under a rock (or didn't see the reaction it got), you'd know that a FF7 remake has been one of the most requested games ever since the tech demo before the PS3 launched.

I don't think you know what a remake is. There's no way it'd be priced at $30. It's not an HD remaster.

Aither1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

So are you 12 or have been living under a rock since 1998? Fans of the series have been wanting a remake of FFVII for years and now we are finally getting one. I jumped out of my seat at this announcement as it is best thing to happen since the Shenmue 3 announcement at the same press conference. Screw another FF game as they have been getting stale as of late. Square Enix just made the best business decision since before ENIX bought out Squaresoft.

joab7771218d ago

And have you read what's known so far. They are talking an actual "remake". Not a port or and HD upgrade.

This is many game's favorite game of all time. For many, it's one of their best childhood memories. A modern remake is epic. And we have FF14 and 15 coming, so...

NoctisPendragon1218d ago

It will be a complete remake from 0 , even the music , don't dream about $30 lol .

FF XIV ARR is really good and SE seems extremly confident about FF XV (or they would annouce FF VII like that ) .

MasterCornholio1218d ago

People were demanding a remake ever since they saw the tech demo. I know I was because it looked awesome.

Pogmathoin1217d ago

I am not denying that FF will be class, to me, it was the last great FF game. No FF game since this gave the same buzz, and that's all I would want, I want that buzz in a new FF game. Funny though, everyone has been asking for this, an old game remastered, Sony delivered, and its a great thing. Many asked for BC on Xbox, they delivered, for free, and its a bad thing judging by many here..... typical.....

DragonKnight1217d ago

Living under a rock wouldn't be enough. You'd have to be living in a cave on Mars with your eyes shut and a finger in each ear while going "LALALALALALALALA" if you think people didn't want a remake.

Pogmathoin1217d ago

You miss the point dragon..... Did love the game, but would have preferred a sequel to it that lived up to it at the time.... FF was peaking around then, it was a die for game, but its been downhill ever since..... And like I said, funny when requested things are shown on another machine, people slam it, yet this.... Its fine....

ShinMaster1217d ago

You're just looking for an excuse to be fanboy.

""Some one in your 'group' said something about backwards compatibility. So I'm saying something about FF7 as payback.""

You see how dumb that sounds.

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fulnattybrah1218d ago

No one is going out to buy a console fo FFVII, most ppl don't even remember the game

muttsurini1218d ago

are you living in a cave?

Becuzisaid1218d ago

You're new to this whole thing, aren't you?

Aither1218d ago

So the first console you ever played must've been the Xbox 360? Or did you start out on the New 3ds cause obviously you have no idea how much nostalgia FFVII has.

Kribwalker1218d ago

I hate turn based RPGs, good story or not, not my thing, and I've been with final fantasy since ff3 on supernes....not a fan of this type of game. Same with phantom dust for those that think I'm trolling, couldn't care less about that one either. I love action RPGs tho

TFJWM1218d ago

Lol that's funny I posted FF VII remake to Facebook during e3 with a link to dualshockers and 4 people posted saying guess I'm getting a ps4

Bell Boy1218d ago

you keep telling yourself this if it makes yourself feel

Letthewookiewin1218d ago

People will buy PS4's for FF7 remake. Your comment should say "I hope no one buys any more PS4's ever so that Xbox could maybe catch up in units sold"

DevilOgreFish1218d ago

FFVII meant a lot to me back in the day but it might not be for someone else. I was aware of that long ago. As the Remake And FFVII Advent Children States "This one is for the fans", so other people may not get the hype of FFVII. whatever it is what it is.

NoctisPendragon1218d ago

6 M views in 2 days : is nothing no ? .
A lot of forums and social-networks went crazy .

And Nomura promised the FF VII remake will be like a new game ( aiming to top the old FF VII ).

Miraak82 1218d ago

I bought my Ps1 solely for FF7 back in the day , if i didn't have a ps4 already I'd buy whatever super mega FF bundle that comes out when it is released .

Revengeance1217d ago

You need to step up your trolling. That was very weak.

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babadivad1218d ago

Anyone think they will make changes to the game play? I would be open to that, otherwise it'll just be a prettied up version of the original. They can leave an option for original style in the game like Treasure did with Guardian Heroes XBLA version.

babadivad1218d ago

Side note, I didn't like the new game style on Guardian Heroes but I didn't mind them trying to change it up.

NoctisPendragon1218d ago

"“We can’t talk about any further details, but it won’t be a simple remake,” Nomura said. “Even if we were only making the graphics prettier for a next-generation machine, I don’t think it would exceed the original version. If that were the case, the original International version will be available on PlayStation 4, so you could just play that and be done."

Seems like they will change a lot of things and make a new game .

Src : .

Sevir1218d ago

MS said they aren't taking about the time, and pretty much fans of other consoles simply had to deal with knowing that it's coming but later. Same thing here! Sony said you play it first on PS4... MS said exclusively on XB... Then after the noise it went to exclusively on XB holiday 2015.

Timed Exclusives are a thing! And as long as their are popular brands console platform holders will spend cash to fluff and fortify their platform...

MS spent the cash to keep Tomb Raider off PS4 and PS3 for a while... Sony countered, with The number one fan requested game for years! Ironically these deals all culminated with Square! Lol... That company is laughing all the way to the bank!

Fans simply have to take it as it comes and enjoy the advantages and disadvantages of having a healthy competitive gaming industry where our consoles aren't carbon copies of each other

The Great Melon1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

It is interesting to notice that Square Enix is the cause for much of the controversy on both sides of the fence. Nice to see Square Enix starting to make a bit of a comeback after having a relatively quiet 7th generation.

That_Guy2441218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Will gladly wait to see if there a pc version which I bet there will be. I will never spend 350$-400$+ just for one or two games I don't love any game that much.

SouljAx3601218d ago

I don't know why you got so many disagrees for that. I'm mostly a PC gamer myself. But if this game was a Ouya exclusive I would be the proud new owner of a Ouya. LoL

Maybe for people who didn't play this game when it first came out it's just another remaster of some RPG game. But for me a remake of this game is huge deal. It's funny because I was so excited about Fallout 4, then this got a 20 second cinematic trailer and I forgot about FO4 for a couple days.

Willio1218d ago

Everyone seems to be hating Tomb Raider. Square Enix does not care if major titles are releasing in the same timeline because they already got paid... and the "limited" edition will sell more on the PS4 when these said games are done being played.

acdramon1217d ago

We aren't mad at TR, we are mad at the fact that Microsoft used a shady deal most likely to combat the holiday release of Uncharted 4 at the time.

Square and MS made it seem as those the game would have NEVER been made if not for Microsoft's involvement when it was taking pre-orders for both PlayStation consoles and PC.

I still remember SE saying in a blog post, if you own a PS4, just play Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. If that isn't a slap in the face, I don't know what is.

Christopher1217d ago

Okay, so they get grilled for explicitly saying it's a timed exclusive and that it will make it to other consoles, and that's too ambiguous?

C'mon people, the game is in such early ass deveopment and probably won't come out until 2017.

Where are these people with Microsoft still saying "Tomb Raider, coming exclusively to Xbox One this Holiday"? There's still a shit ton of ambiguity, ton more than there is with FFVII.

I'm not trying to excuse Sony for not having answers, but I think it's being made a lot bigger of a deal than it should be while at the same time the most ambiguous exclusivity deal out there is just being let go and isn't being questioned for the right answers.

MaximusTKG1217d ago

Speaking to a couple people regarding possible release year. It is a forgone conclusion that SE does nothing quickly. Never have, probably never will. However, from the many moons I've spent in ffxiv with Nomura as the lead, stuff gets out quickly and on time. My opinion of this really only means 2017 is not out of the realm of possibility.

Teflon021217d ago

I'm quite sure the exclusive rights to release before a PC version. I'm almost 100% it's not getting a Xbox release. Would make no real sense. A FF sells like double + on PS. People will buy PS just for it. Next it's recognized as a PS game making people prefer that version. PS4 games outsell Xbox already. In Japan it's not even worth the thought. In EU, it's basically worthless and NA it's not worth it since it'll sell like 1 fifth of the PS if lucky. PC does get alot of games like JRPGs so it's also a erfect market for it and it's the second original platform. But who cares can't wait

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criticalkare1218d ago

Don't matter just make the game good and release it.....

DarkBlood1218d ago

any company that has a deal like this wouldnt want to tell you how long its timed or otherwise in the hopes that you will just get it on thier system instead of giving the competition fuel by telling the consumers the ideal multi release date.

Ryuk_20071218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Why do I get the feeling that this will be release sometime in 2019 or 2020..

Gemmol1218d ago

lol we think alike