New Kingdom Come: Deliverance E3 2015 Trailer Released, Looks Epic

OnlySP: Warhorse Studios has just released their E3 2015 trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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Omnisonne1217d ago

Cool stuff. I wonder if, as seen in the trailer, wearing a full helmet actually impairs your vision a little. As compensation for the increased protection. Could be a nice detail maybe

Hope to see it next year or so

PockyKing1217d ago

The developers said they plan to do exactly that with the helmet.

SaveFerris1216d ago

This could rival The Witcher and be a potential GOTY.

Irishguy951216d ago

So could every game with this little shown.

I agree though its very interesting so far.

urwifeminder1216d ago

Well finally an RPG I want to play just for the fact its not another apocalypse or a bunch dragon magic gear great stuff.

skyrimer1216d ago

It also has support for oculus rift, can't wait to play this on vr