Bethesda wins the attention war by blasting marketing rules for Doom, Fallout 4

GamesBeat: Pete Hines also answers our question about whether Fallout 4’s dog is playable.

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WizzroSupreme1405d ago

Bethesda makes it look all so effortless. I couldn't have even told you that their E3 this year was their first had I not known better. Fallout 4's gonna give the Witcher 3 a run for its money for GOTY this year for sure.

Becuzisaid1405d ago

Pete Hines did an incredible job organizing and hosting the show. He was a natural in from of the crowd.

DefenderOfDoom21405d ago

The thing that blew my mind , is when he said Fallout 4 was coming out holiday season 2015.

josephayal1405d ago

I can't wait for Bethesda to come out with New Vegas 2

SouljAx3601405d ago

I don't think there will be a New Vegas 2. Maybe a New Miami 1 or something.

Eidolon1405d ago

Why, you preferred the Vegas vibe?

MasterD9191405d ago

Bethesda made E3 this year. What a show...and on a Sunday!

SouljAx3601405d ago

Yeah I was content with e3 after just their conference. Then of course FF7 remake was announced and blew my mind, but yeah pretty happy with Bethesda's upcoming games.

unworthyBOZO1404d ago

Great show only knock was the CG trailer for Dishonored 2 but I'm confident in the final product.