The Four Worst Things about E3 2015

Daniel of writes "Although it’s been going on since Sunday night, Day 1 of E3 2015 is over. We’ve already seen all the press conferences and had all the biggest reveals. All but the sneakiest of announcements have been made. Now, its time for the press to get their hands on the product and the retailers to decide if they want to buy the product. Maybe, if we’re lucky, some smart-ass developer will announce some new title and knock all the press out of their scheduled routines.

Given that I cannot attend E3 this year, the news cycle is over for me. And since it’s over for me, then it’s time for a list. You people like lists, right? So here are the four worst things about E3 2015."

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NovusTerminus1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

That is the creator of Drakengard and Nier, Taro Yoko, who doesn't show his face as far as I can tell, so he dressed as a character from Nier. he has used a puppet before, he hates doing interviews and press events.

DarkOcelet1406d ago

So he is basically sort of the Sia of gaming?

I dont know what to call him. But honestly i dont care because NIER 2 IS COMING!

NovusTerminus1406d ago

Something like that.

With his stated hatred of interviews and such, I was floored when they called him on stage.

I've loved his work, Nier was great and teaming up with Platinum is a dream!

Relientk771406d ago

I kinda thought him in that mask, was a bit creepy

gangsta_red1406d ago

"Then it showed us a tiny teaser (with almost no information to go along with it) for a game that the fanboys won’t shut up about. Then they ask us to give them money if they want a game to be made! What are you doing, Sony?"

"Boy shows up. Dog-thing shows up. Boy yells at dog-thing. Dog-thing jumps. Boy falls in slow motion. Dog-thing catches him. Boy yells at dog-thing again. Boy falls in slow motion again. Dog-thing catches boy again. They climb things. C’mon now!"

LMAO! Exactly! I couldn't get excited about any of those two things.

For a game that has been in development hell for 10 years what they showed was mediocre. And I think a lot of people are putting too much on Shenmue, the game was okay back on Dreamcast/Xbox but I think people are forgetting just how boring the game was.

And Nintendo basically just advertised the death of the WiiU with their conference. To showcase almost nothing for WiiU just proves that they have moved on to whatever the NX will be.

DarkOcelet1406d ago

Nier had a cult following my friend. You don't understand, i think the message was obvious from Square Enix, they are saying 'We Are Listening'. That alone if enough from me.

If you have played ICO and SOTC then you will know why we are hyped for this experience. Its not just a game, it will be a story you wont forget. And its not a Dog-thing, its more of a Cat-thing.

plmkoh1406d ago

Lol the guys downplaying The Last Guardian are really doing themselves a big disfavour. Perhaps they're minds were too busy being in the dumps to even grasp the idea that Fumito Ueda doesn't need to prove himself with his simple by powerful games but he's done exactly that twice before. Time after time he's made "Boy and Dog thing"-esque games and time after time he's been bombarded with praise for it.

I don't even like the Team Ico games, but they consistently rank in the top 100 games of all time for a reason. I guess these petty cynics are just being cynical for the sake of it because they can't live with the fact that they have to agree with the majority.

And Square Enix conference being crap? How cares, publishers don't even need a good conference because they throw their games across all the major platform conferences. If anything the biggest take-away from SE is that they've been shit for the past 8 years, but they're finally ready to start winning you over.

gangsta_red1405d ago

I like Nier, I'm excited for that game because it's also Platinum.

I played ICO and SOTC. I enjoyed both those games but not to the point where I am waiting on pins and needles for 9+ years for LG to drop. What they showed wasn't compelling and wasn't worth the long wait.

IamTylerDurden11406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Ur so eloquent Mr. Gansta red sir, i'd love to hear your rendition of Journey next - "Weird floaty thing flies around. Floaty thing meets friend, friend and floaty thing fly around, they climb a mountain. Come on!"

Let's do the varied gameplay of Crackdown. "Hero kills gang. Hero upgrades. Hero climbs stuff, hero upgrades. Hero kills gang again, hero upgrades. Hero climbs stuff. Come on!"

Shadow of the Colossus. "Boy shows up. Monster shows up. Boy climbs monster, boy kills monster. Boy finds new monster, boy kills monster. Boy finds new monster. Boy climbs stuff. Come on!"

"LMAO wow those games must suck lol, i can't get excited about those 3 games!!!"

"I think ppl are forgetting how mediocre the last Crackdown and gears were, and how generic and boring they were."

"ps Nintendo sux, by dissing Nintendo and Sony i can secretly promote ms and the xbone."

In all honesty the worst thing i saw was gears 4, it was surprising that they were allowed to show it. The difference between Epic Games and a newb studio who has never developed a game b4 is obviously immense. This did not look like Epic's gears games, epic always had cutting edge grfx and nobody could outdo them in brutal violence and superb combat - DOOM was 1000x more brutal, violent, and had far superior gunplay.

I was a little upset they didn't show Morpheus vr more.

Upset we didn't see Bend's rumored 3rd person Resistance.

Fable, it is sad what the once geat franchise has become. 4v1 mp only, a far cry from goty FABLE 2. Did they call Fable legends a free to play or did i hear wrong? If so wth ru doing ms and Lionhead.

gangsta_red1405d ago

I don't think you realize that I am quoting the actual article. Those quotes are not from me Mr. TylerDurden, I didn't write them I just agree with what was said in the article.

Spotie1405d ago

First: Can't show too much of a game like TLG. Can't give away what it's about, and I'm perfectly fine with not knowing a whole lot about the next game from a developer that has only exceeded my expectations. Plenty of other games out there for you that'll spoil the whole damn game for you, if that's what you want. In the theater where I watched the Sony conference, we were on the edge of our seats for the majority of the demo. We didn't think it was that mediocre.

As for Shenmue, it apparently wasn't that boring, as it warranted a sequel, and plenty of people have been wanting a third title for ages. Maybe you've forgotten how not everybody shares your opinion.

gangsta_red1405d ago

"Can't show too much of a game like TLG. Can't give away what it's about,"

I played ICO and I played SotC and story wasn't really the big points of those games, it was environments and puzzles. So what they showed in that game there is a pretty good chance that is what the game is going to entail mostly.

"We didn't think it was that mediocre."

Great for you and the people on the edge of their seats, sadly I wasn't but I never stated or said that everyone should share my opinion. You seem to have forgotten the same when you constantly state that gamers don't want BC in many of your own posts. Or have you forgotten that too.

"it apparently wasn't that boring, as it warranted a sequel,"

Through kickstarter...14 years later...yea.

Spotie1405d ago

"state that gamers don't want BC"

Never said that. Don't go twisting remarks to suit your needs. I would prefer BC, so me saying that would be beyond stupid. Why the hell else would I have gone out and bought a BC PS3? Or will you claim I was lying about that?

"story wasn't really the big points"

We have nothing to talk about on that front, then. For me, both games were all about the story. Of course, I'm able to reed story in more than just onscreen dialogue. The desolate landscapes of SOTC told a story of their own, as did the oppressive emptiness of Ico. The story of companionship and how it plays out is massive in both games, too. The environments and puzzles you care about are informed by the story I care about. Anyway.

"Through kickstarter...14 years later...yea."

And then there's the ignorance.
Just kickstarter though, right? And I was referring to the original, to begin with. That said, Sega's poor handling of... well, everything is what caused it. That, and the lack of popularity it received on the OG Xbox. But I guess according to you, demand can't increase as time goes by. More people can't discover they love the game, or can't be intrigued enough to want a new entry because they missed out on the old ones. Simply that it took so long for Shenmue III to have an opportunity to be made is justification enough to say it was boring.

Here's a thought: if you're not interested, don't comment. There are plenty of other subjects to speak on without being negative just because.

IamTylerDurden11404d ago

Gangster red - regardless, you aligned yourself with the foolishly naive description and obviously quoted it to show your agreeance. Though you didn't actually make up this riveting reenactment you clearly broadcast at the same twisted frequency as the writer and like clockwork i can count on your slanted static in every Sony article that arises.

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Relientk771406d ago

That live Just Dance performance at Ubisofts conference

and EA Mobile

Chaosdreams1406d ago

...The mask didn't bother me. My first thought was, "oh, cosplay?" I mean, that's how my mind works. lol

ZaWarudo1406d ago

Too much mobile crap during Square Enix conference.

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