Shuhei Yoshida Talks About Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dreams and Avoiding Sequel Fatigue

Horizon Zero Dawn and Dreams are two big first party new IPs introduced by Sony at its E3 press conference, and there are few better men to talk about them than Shuhei Yoshida, that leads Sony’s Worldwide studios. He did so during a livestream from the show floor.

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DarkOcelet1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Horizon looked unbelievable. Dreams potential is limitless.

I think Dreams idea is fascinating. The amount of things you can do in it looks infinite. This is a game i have to get my hands on.

davemyrose921402d ago

Horizon made my jaw drop can't wait for that,, and dreams looks amazing both wonderful new ips soo pumped for both!!

Relientk771402d ago

I need more robot dinosaurs and I need them now

Forn1402d ago

Sony killing it with these stunning, creative, unique and varied games.

GranTurismoFan1402d ago

10/10 comment. Especially the varied part, that's the main reason why I play on PS.

Sora_19941402d ago

I find myself watching that dreams trailer over and over again. Im so intrigued I'd like to see more very very soon, mm is so incredibly creative

Kurisu1402d ago

Life is but a dream. Just watched the trailer for the first time. Interesting! But I suck at these creative games xD

Sora_19941402d ago

The song is stuck in my head lol. But i suck at these games too but the things other ppl come up with in little big planet....i can only imagine what they will do here

hockeyglory1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

From the article regarding sequels:

"From a business standpoint, that’s the safest bet, because the core gameplay is already done and there is already an established fanbase. There’s less risk involved. But when you move to a sequel, and then to a third and fourth game, there are less and less things that people haven’t already envisioned and tried, and doing the same project again and again forces developers to work on the same things for ten years or more. That’s a risky situation for a studio to be in."

So that means no Uncharted 4?

GameSpawn1402d ago

Some games have more lasting appeal than others. I believe somewhere Naughty Dog stated that Uncharted 4 is it for Nathan - it will be the last of his story. This does leave the statement open ended to be taken either way - it can be the last Uncharted ever or that we'll see more just from a different character/time.

Mediocre games tend to wear around the third game, bad games the second (if they get one), but really good games usually will run 4, 5, or even more. Should I begin to bring in Metal Gear to the conversation with its massive saga of games?

That said, you can even EPIC games that never see a sequel ever, either because they don't need it (due to complete closure story-wise) or because fear from the developer that they will never reach that standard again with a sequel.

In the end does it really matter, sequel or not, if the game is really good anyway? New IPs are good to keep the ball of innovation rolling, but sequels function like a safety blanket keeping die hard fans happy and developers in business.

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