7 Most Promising Original IPs At E3 2015

WGTC writes: Complaining about sequels at E3 is as useless as asking for the sun to stop shining, or for scripted team chatter in Ubisoft demos to not be cringe-worthy.

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DarkOcelet1402d ago

Beat me to it.

It looked Jaw dropping. I cant wait to kick some Robot Dinosaurs butts!

MovieStar41402d ago

Still completely sold on No Man's Sky

Tdmd1402d ago

Horizon and For Honor! Those two made quite an impression on me. Can't wait to see more of them!

Mikefizzled1402d ago

Sea of Thieves! I'm still disappointed Disney cancelled Armada of the Damned a couple years ago.

yankolo1402d ago

Im xbox owner...and i gotta say it...horizon looked badass...then recore ...sea off thieves best water i have seen...i havent played gears and halo just a lil bit but i think im gonna like gears more than halo...

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