Hitman's additional story content & locations will be released for free

IO Interactive has clarified how it intends to roll out additional content for Hitman, confirming that while the game will only ship with a limited amount of content on day one, all additional content and locations released throughout 2016 will be available to download at no additional cost.

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Number-Nine1271d ago

How it should be for $60 video games.

DarkOcelet1271d ago

Yet sadly, people will disagree with you.

Majin-vegeta1271d ago

Well another game to buy.Gotta support free DLC.

Agent_00_Revan1271d ago

Sure DLC is free, but this game is digital only, so how much will come with the main download at launch. I think this game is an Episodic game in disguise and we will get very little at launch so they can offer the later content for 'free'.

I love Hitman, but the details behind this game have me feeling sketchy.

GameDev11271d ago

No it is not digital only, it is full physical release with digital content added for free

Agent_00_Revan1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I listened to multiple interviews during E3 so far that started its Digital Only.

"Hitman will have a digital release on December 8, 2015."

ThichQuangDuck1271d ago

It is digital only at launch. They are trying a new distribution model that sounds like episodic content. With some "LIMITED TIME HITS THAT ONLY HAPPEN ONCE". Limited time DLC and levels is what worries me. There is no competitive multiplayer where you go for hit at same time or coop so this is mind numbing why do online focus

GameDev11271d ago

@[email protected]

"The game falls outside of traditional release models, launching as a full-priced $60 release but with additional content concluding the story rolling out in the months following launch. Once that content has been released, the game will be available to purchase on disc."

This is from the same article you guys just commented on, read what the last line says

ThichQuangDuck1271d ago


the first sentence is that it is digital only at launch. They will be pushing out the additional content for a little while so digital only at launch is correct