Shu Yoshida “Really Excited” About New Games by Sucker Punch & Japan Studio; Teases Tokyo Game Show

While Sony finally showcased Horizon: Zero Dawn and Dreams at its E3 press conference, there are quite a few more in store, and SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida teased a few during a livestream from the show floor.

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Relientk771246d ago

Cannot wait to see what Sony announces there

DarkOcelet1246d ago

Level 5 JRPG nudge nudge, wink wink ;)

Relientk771246d ago

Can't wait to see that one


Tapani1246d ago

Say no more say no more!

Brotard1246d ago

I keep forgetting the sheer number of quality AAA studios Sony has! I love being politely reminded though!

Brotard1246d ago

Rogue Galaxy 2...... Pls..... For me.... Pls

SniperControl1245d ago

Got a feeling GT7 will be announced, the Logitech G29 wheel has been designed for it, the rotary dial and other buttons are exactly like the DFGT, a wheel designed for GT5.

Why o why1245d ago

sniper control....nice sniper vision

bouzebbal1245d ago

Ni-Oh has been talked about the past days and Tecmo said they were building the engine from ground up.. probably a PS4 release!

Sucker Punch, quantic dream and a big thing from Japan Studio.. my head will blow!
and add GT7!

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Kurisu1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I'm thinking that we might get a new White Knight Chronicles. I wasn't a fan of the first game (felt a bit clunky) and I didn't play the second. However that doesn't stop me wanting to see what could be done with the series on PS4.

Also I'd love to see a new Folklore! *yanks PS4 controller in anticipation*

pivotplease1246d ago

Nah it would be Ni No Kuni 2 first I think. A Dark Cloud 3 could still happen though since the gaming industry is in nostalgiagasm mode.

nX1246d ago

Ni No Kuni 2 needs to happen, WKC was alright but Ni No Kuni was a masterpiece.

Morpheuzpr1245d ago

WKC was grossly underrated, I mean the game even had its own social network of sorts, something I haven't seen in any other game.

1246d ago
bennissimo1245d ago

Between TGS and Gamescom, the rest of this year will be as epic as E3 has already been.

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ZaWarudo1246d ago

Japan Studio is very talented, i wish Sony would get these guys to work on more Vita games.

DarkOcelet1246d ago

Even though i am a bit sad that they Sony will be skipping Gamescom, i think they will blow our minds in TGS.

JRPG games! Old IP's reboot! New IP'S! New sequels!

Majin-vegeta1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

They're skipping it cuz a few weeks later they will be at Paris Game week.

@Soap thank you for correcting me.

SoapShoes1246d ago

And they aren't skipping it, they just aren't having a conference. Their show floor at GamesCom is the largest.

majiebeast1246d ago

They are skipping GC but they are going to Paris game week instead because its better for the schedule so we really did not lose a conference just 1 got moved ahead.

LiViNgLeGaCY1246d ago

Ah. So they're actually having a conference at Paris game week, then? Good to know.

morganfell1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Yes they are having a conference in Paris. I fully expect a live demo from Ancel for the game WiLD since he lives in France and works there with his team.

ThichQuangDuck1246d ago

One multiplayer game please. Coop and Multiplayer just one. Syphon Filter, Socom reboot, Timesplitters


Josuey1246d ago

i agree, sony needs a big multiplayer exclusive

ThichQuangDuck1246d ago

Drawn to Death is the closest we got currently

ssj271246d ago

I just played down to dead next to david jeff itself here outside the convention center and the game is fun but not the competitive multiplayer PlayStation needs but for sure is a game to play and have a lot of fun with.

DarkOcelet1246d ago


I have to admit, thats a first. Many are asking for more SP games. Rarely anyone asks for an MP game. But doesnt Uncharted 4 have MP?

ThichQuangDuck1246d ago

I need something in between all singleplayer. One multiplayer game that is just amazing. Battlefront is exclusive DLC and something seems fishy. Destiny is well Destiny. I like interaction with others

MegaRay1246d ago

Playstation Allstars 2 would be perfect *cry on the corner*

xKugo1246d ago

They could use a multi-player focused game; won't lie. Something maybe not on the same scale as Halo but just as addictive would do them a lot of good. Personally, KZ3 multiplayer, for me, was so good. I played that game just about as much as I did BF3 multiplayer. Blood Gracht was money

JWiLL5521245d ago

For all it's faults, Shadowfall has some amazing MP. It's really quite underrated.

I know Guerilla has more than one studio, I wouldn't mind another Killzone game (as long as it doesn't take away any focus from Horizon!).

LoveSpuds1246d ago

I dont feel that Sony "need" to provide a multiplayer game specifically, but would be all over a SOCOM game if they released one.

MysticStrummer1245d ago

I'd go for that too. Planetside 2 will be free next week. It may go to XB1 eventually but for now it will be console exclusive. I don't expect it to take off on console though.

JoeReno1245d ago

Resistance FOM, MAG, AND Killzone 2 were my favourite MP games last Gen. Would love to see MAG2.

ion6661245d ago

I think the closest we will have of a SOCOM game is the Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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Master-H1246d ago

There better be some Persona 5 on there.

ThichQuangDuck1246d ago

It is coming this fall so there has to be Persona

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