Xbox One will be backwards compatible, but will it matter?

Xbox One will be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 titles in the coming months, but will it move Microsoft forward, or just..backwards?

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Thatguy-3101408d ago

It matters for Xbox 360 owners. There's something special about beign allowed to play your old games again if you want. The option is there and that's all that matters.

darthv721408d ago

having a BC PS3 mattered for me. It represented a convenience that i could unplug my PS2 and set it aside. Being able to play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on one system is just like being able to play regular DVD movies on a bluray player. sometimes you just want to watch what you have instead of going out and buying the same movie all over again on a different format.

So with the 360, i played many xbox games on it as (again) it represented that convenience. I do not have the XB1 but this announcement has made me want it even more just as the announcement of Shenmue 3 has made me want a PS4 even more.

It may not be for everyone to use (BC on XB1) but it will be there for everyone if they want to.

nicksetzer11408d ago

Seriously, people are just being knowingly stupid at this point. Everyone has been asking for B/C since launch. Hell Sony even spent million on a service that allowed them to do it. Obviously it matters, as I said before it was the #1 request of ANYTHING people wanted for XB1.

Had this been done by Sony I am positive this would not be made into negative. People just have boarded the hate train and just don't know when to get off.

mikeslemonade1408d ago

Just for me and in the minority it doesn't matter. I got rid of the 360 and PS3 along time ago. The only game I want to play is Dragon's Dogma.

I play the new games. I have the "what's next" mentality.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

I think this is so overrated. XBOX fans claim XBOX One won E3? Their biggest announcement was that you will be able to play all the games, you can already play and already did play. WOW...

Do people buy next gen consoles to play next gen games or last gen games? If it's to play last gen games, then just stick with your last gen console. Seriously

And also, a new controller. What's wrong with the currently controller? So overrated

On the game sides, I'll hand it to them, they have Halo 5 and Tomb Raider this year. That's totally decent.


timotim, well then your 2 family members are buying a next gen console because they can play the games they're already playing. doesn't really make sense to me.

nicksetzer11408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

@bubbles Sure they announced something that shows extreme fan service and did it for free. That is not all they showed though.

They had Tomb Raider, forza 6, halo 5, rare replay, gear remaster, new dashboard, new controller, gears 4, recore, sea of thieves, cuphead and plenty of other indies. (And probably even a few games I forgot to mention)

They saved AT LEAST quantum break, scalebound, phantom dust, crackdown, below and inside for gamescom.

So yea, I'd say there is plenty of reason to have liked MS' showcase other than just backwards compatibility as you claim.

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ShowanW1408d ago


I have a PS4.. please show me the abundance of awesome first party games.

I'll wait.

I got Bloodborne, infamous (I'm a infamous fanboy and was disappointed in second son)

If I could pound through the backlog in between games releases (on one box) then I'm all for it...

My favorite is Magicka so far (love it on PC as well) and I'm also liking transistor

_-EDMIX-_1408d ago

"Hell Sony even spent million on a service that allowed them to do it"

...that would make sense if other Sony devices didn't also support it. That service is not only for PS4. Not sure where you heard that was an answer for BC.

Why o why1408d ago

......... Yes, it matters

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Docknoss1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

For my friends that haven't bought the XO yet this was the feature that will make them move to the next gen xbox.

miyamoto1408d ago

I'll believe this when I see it.

Jughead34161408d ago

It's a cool feature to have. No doubt about it. But when you really think about it, how often will you truly go back and play a 360 game? Not sure for myself. I have a blast from the past every now and then. But there's so many new games to keep me busy.

ShowanW1408d ago

I still have my 360 hooked up for

Zuma (which now works on my One)
Mass Effect (which now works on my One)
Fight Night (hopefully it makes the cut)
Mass Effect 2&3
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom III
Castle Crashers
Shadow Complex
Jade Empire (from OG Xbox days)

And that's just a few.. I have over 70 digital titles form the 360 and I like to go back to them from time to time.

LordDhampire1408d ago

ShadowW, I'm gonna have to call bullcrap on that, everyone wanted to play bc games is just like girding...we hold on to all this useless crap because one day we will get back to it until finally we realize...yeah I'm never going to play this old game....he'll who has time to replay old games.

DeadManMMX1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

I've had every good game on every system for years. Not surprisingly because I work a living and have a life I have yet to beat or even play many of them. Many of them who are getting sequels on Next Gen consoles continuing their story. So yes this means a lot to people like me and make no mistake there are a lot of people like me. Its also common sense that you'd want to keep all of your digital licenses for retail games and digital only games that are only getting the port treatment to next gen consoles. There is no downside to this. If your one of the people who doesn't ever play their 360 or Ps3 despite there really not being that big of a leap in graphics this gen fine thats your thing. There are a lot of us (Read: MOST OF US) who this effects who are very happy about this and with good reason.

joab7771408d ago

Of PS4 announced today that they were doing BC, I would say, cool. Bit the odds of me playing something from last gen on it are slim to none. And most ppl who do go back and play, don't sell their machines. The reason it wasn't part of launch is b/c the majority of ppl don't use the feature.

And I want Sony to invest in Now. I think it has a very important future.

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GoPanthers9991408d ago

Guess you will have to wait and see, but I am certain there are a ton of folks still playing on 360's and this may very well push them to make the leap.

nigelp5201408d ago

Xbox 360 had amazing games and its an amazing system so being able to play all your Xbox games on 1 console is great

optimus1408d ago

...not to mention you can play them on windows 10 too...

Tedakin1408d ago

I keep seeing these types of articles. What possible negative could there be to letting the XBox One play 360 games FOR FREE?

Pogmathoin1408d ago

While they defended PSnow, with its loan shark rates...

carlosjrix1408d ago

Its incredible how some people keep trying to downgrade a killer feature that is not in the console they support .. But you have to remember this is N4g.. And The hate will never stop..

rainslacker1407d ago

There's no negative to it. I'm a sony fan, and give credit where it's due. I would love for Sony to have the feature as well, and I'm happy for the people that are happy they can play their collection of games. There is never a down side to being able to play more games.

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