Rockstar Plays Hooky at E3

Once again, Rockstar’s annual absence at E3 left many fans hungry after hoping something new would be revealed, be it story DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5, a new Red Dead game, or even the long-awaited reveal of Rockstar’s covert IP Agent. In the past, Sony has made it clear to the audience that they have established a healthy partnership with Rockstar Games, but just how strong is this partnership?

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Relientk771218d ago

I'm a bit surprised we didn't see Red Dead Redemption 2

Summons751217d ago

That's fine. Red Dead 3 would have broken the internet even more during Sony's press conference. There are plenty of other times they can announce it.

Tornadobounce1217d ago

They're brewin. They're always brewin. Keep calm. They'll be back.

Germany71217d ago

Rockstar announces their games outside E3 and they really know how to do it.

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