Shuhei Yoshida Talks The Last Guardian, Team ICO, Switch to PS4; Very Confident About 2016 Release

The Last Guardian has been a mystery for a long time, but at long last it has been announced. SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida gave a very through overview of what went on behind the scenes during a livestream from the show floor at E3 2015.

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Rimeskeem1217d ago

I would prefer certain about 2016 but i guess that will have to do.

mikeslemonade1217d ago

Woohoo my 2nd favorite developer behind Naughty Dog.

chrisx1217d ago

2016 would be perfect. The Hype is real

DanielEndurance1217d ago

Please have a collector's edition! I want a statue of that dog/goat/cat/bird.

mayberry1217d ago


I think its called a Griffin or Griffith...

MysticStrummer1217d ago

A griffin normally has an eagle's head I think.

mayberry1217d ago

it does have a “beak” face, and looks premature...dunno...but I remember it was called a griffin a few years ago...

PygmelionHunter1217d ago

Honestly. By how long it's taken them, this game should be released in 2015. A 2016 release window is fairly disappointing.

Guess I'll play SoTC HD in the meantime.