E3 2015: ReCore Appears to be Brilliant and Breathtaking

During the publisher’s E3 Press Conference, Microsoft an exciting new IP from Keiji Inafune and Armature Studios known as ReCore, and if early footage is any indication, it has all the makings of something special.
Earlier today, Keiji Inafune divulged new details of his brand new AAA title..

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gangsta_red1221d ago

Hope to see some gameplay. It sounds very interesting.

4Sh0w1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

"The way the robots look is inventive and has a unique feel, which is fortunate due to the striking similarities the game shares with Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn. Hopefully Horizon: Zero Dawn wont overshadow ReCore, as this could potentially be a massive hit for Microsoft."

-First I loved Horizon but I don't see that happening since they are on 2 different platforms, owners of both might buy 1 or the other but if their both great games people who own both will buy both, that's why you know they bought 2 consoles.

-Yes first gameplay for ReCore should be very interesting if its anything like the trailer, I'm in.

mikeslemonade1221d ago

New IP for MS, good news. However even the trailer looked empty and not that detailed. Should be another middle of the road game. Not expecting like a 90 meta.

Bathyj1221d ago


Youre predicting the metascore already based on CGI? We know nothing about how this plays, at least wait til we know that before giving it a score.

nicksetzer11221d ago

Yea, I would be VERY excited about this game. I have learned from past experiences never to judge based on CGI trailers though.

That said, it definitely has my interest and I would love to see gameplay. For a game supposedly launching spring 2016, strange not to have seen gameplay actually.

trywizardo1221d ago

This and Scalebound and Crackdown and horizon seems very interesting , hope to see gameplay for those and another gameplay for horizon :D

Mikefizzled1221d ago

Where is the confirmation it's intended to be AAA? It looked like a £15 game like Ori. I'm surprised if it's launching next spring that they haven't shown gameplay. Gamescom will be mad this year for Xbox, I guess.

urwifeminder1221d ago

Looks a bit more interesting than that scalebound tosh but will have to see gameplay first, have not played any of this guys games cause they never appealed to me.

fermcr1221d ago

Curious about this one...

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