E3 2015 Hands-On: Star Fox Zero | Game Podunk

Game Podunk's Jonathan Higgins writes:

"But even though Miyamoto’s wording during the Digital Event may have been confusing, it’s definitely not a remake of the Nintendo 64 classic. It differs fundamentally in its sense of design (more on that in a second), and if it does match 64's place in the proverbial canon, it’s definitely taken some liberties with that game’s plot."

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iplay1up21271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

It looks like almost a Wii game graphically. So I hope it does look better by release. Honestly Metroid looked better on Wii now that I think about it.

Hey, everyone should know I love Nintendo, but even I have expectations.

MSBAUSTX1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

It looked like a wii game graphically in its textures but remastered in 1080P 60 FPS. I dont know for sure if it is 1080P but I do know they focused very heavily on perfect and steady 60 FPS. Who knows what that translates to yet until it is nearing release. Either way, watching the videos of it, it looks like a ton of fun. I actually thought the switching from rwing to a walker and then the tank looked really cool. It looks like it is in the Hyrule Warriors engine honestly. I do believe it will be a fun game to play and Star Fox is always welcome in my book.