Sony's Adam Boyes Talks E3 Conference, PS4, Competition, Never Getting Complacent: "Vita is Alive"

With the big E3 press conferences in the past, many executives are being asked their take on what we saw, and it’s the turn of Sony VP of Publisher and Developer Relations Adam Boyes, that gave a lot of insight on Sony’s stance, the competition and much more during a livestream. He also mentioned that PS Vita is alive and well, that nowadays is quite a bonus.

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chrisx1312d ago

Big ups to sony, they are doing a great job

Bathyj1312d ago

I like Adam. Hes great on stage and very likeable. He seems like an everyman.

MegaRay1312d ago

Vita is alive, no thanks to Sony.

Letthewookiewin1312d ago

I was trying to tell people who were so certain MS was going to crush Sony that their over conference is mistaken. You had to be a fool to think Sony was becoming complacent. I can't even put words together to describe how huge 2016 is going to be for Sony. And no I'm not sitting idle waiting, there is no shortage of games. I couldn't even imagine them releasing Uncharted during the Holiday with Fallout 4, Battlefront, AC, COD, and who knows what else dropping.