Future Titles Revealed For Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility?

Has future titles just been revealed by Microsoft for Xbox One’s backwards compatibility? It sure looks like it as an image promoting Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One has been released and features games that can’t be played just yet, but seem to be a few of the 100+ that were promised for the end of the year.

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Mikelarry1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Nice additions, I was a bit sceptical that they wouldn't add titles worthwhile but seems like they are really trying to give a good variety of known and some niche games

Thisgengaming1271d ago

And with the Borderlands addition it shows that 3rd parties don't mind letting Microsoft put their games on Xbox One.

4Sh0w1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Why would they? already paid for the game or you can buy a old game from their catalogue for cheap which in the end they might make some spare change and they didn't have to lift a finger to port it over or remaster.

I got to ask this question again because I'm hoping for some insight or answer to my question if anybody out there knows.

OK honest question:
In the old ps2 days we didn't need permission to play a *psx games on ps2, you just loaded your old ps1 game disc in ps2 and it played the game. Surely sony didn't run out and get a inked deal from every dev that made a ps1 game before launch.

I understand now they are using sophisticated software emulation, but we *technically NEVER OWNED the games anyway, only the *license to play them, I'm not aware of any expiration of those licences??? lol, usually your hardware just stops working and of course the hardware isn't sold anymore so you CANT play the game, but that's no different than your disc getting old/abused and it becomes unplayable, they do not give you a new disc for free just cause you already paid once because of course no promises are made that you can play forever but I also have never heard of any that artificially limit you from playing as long as possible= What's changed, if I *paid for Mass Effect game disc or digital copy, why does Microsoft need permission from somebody to let me play a game I paid for again just because the new console is only "emulating" the game through software vs rendering straight from hardware???????????

I seriously would like a reasonable answer or tell me if I'm just crazy 'cause I don't know how this works/legal issues.

mikeslemonade1271d ago

Doesn't matter for me. I got rid of my PS3 and 360 all long time ago.

Literally the only game I want to play remaining is Dragon's Dogma.

I admit that I have a bias against BC and I realize it is important for most people, but It does nothing for me. I play the new games and move on. I don't replay games unless they are online multiplayer.

lameguy1271d ago

@4Sh0w - Licenses and laws suck, especially nowadays. Say you're using middleware like havok, and say you only bought that license for 360 instead of the one for PS3 etc. They may not allow you to use that to run on XB1 etc.

Or take a racing game that has deals with various car manufactures. Perhaps that deal had a timelimit that's well past now? Or perhaps again they had some platform clause in place.

There's a myriad of ways an organization can screw over another organization through these things. When negotiating deals, you never give away the world; you always give away the minimal set of stuff. Unfortunately.

chrislinc791271d ago

Borderlands is good but where are the other 2, they are remasterd. Don't think the other 2 will be released, because it will take away from the profits of the handsome jack collection.

4Sh0w1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )


Thanks, I can maybe see the car manufacturer situation as "iffy" but again thinking logically I just don't see how they could say "Hey you can use our car in your 2005 game for 10years but in 2015 gamers must cease and desist use of this 2005 racing game"= You see what I mean, no way you could legally sell that to the consumer which is why **game licences** don't have a expiration date to "play" a game title.

As for other games say an rpg or whatever I just don't see a *logical reason legally that I can't play a game I ALREADY PAID FOR just because I have a new system that *emulates what my old one does????= They already got their money for the game, now I just get to enjoy it longer how is that their business, you want more money from the same game then make a attractive remaster with great extra content/features that warrants me buying it again. So I'm still looking for something a lil more concrete on why this situation even exists....My research continues, but I don't see anything legit so far.

freshslicepizza1271d ago

third party will support it because they are likely to also have those games for sale in the store to buy as well and play them on the xbox one.

JasonKCK1270d ago

I'm betting you wont see too many remastered 3rd party games on the list. 3rd party could be jerks about it and keep something off the list they plan on remastering.

poppinslops1270d ago

Why would they?

The majority of people who already own a 360 version aren't likely to buy a remaster, so it wouldn't hurt the devs financially.

ToxicSushi1270d ago

4Sh0w: I agree with you on the BC issue in that we paid to play. However in present days (within 10 years or so) when a consumer purchases a game, they are paying for a license for playing that game on a specific system. Reading a games terms and conditions today are long and dull with the upshot of the consumer releasing just about all rights to the game publisher.

XanderZane1270d ago

Having B/C on XB1 will actually help increase sales of older XBox 360 games, because gamers who buy an XBox One will know they can play any of the XBox 360 games they didn't play last gen on it without having to buy an XBox 360. I love that all your digital games will just carry over to the XB1. That's sweet. As soon as this goes live I'll start moving games over.

donthate1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


"Why do MS need to ask devs/publisher for permission?"

I thought this was an interresting questions and did some light research. It turns out from what I can infer that emulation is legal and shown by several lawsuits in favor of emulation. The issue that kind of cropped up though is the issue of copyright and distribution of code.

Since MS must repackage the game into a Virtual Machine (fancy word for saying emulate an Xbox 360, which by the way is only possible because MS has the foresight to put 3 OS into the Xbox One, but I digress) and let you download it, it becomes unauthorized distribution unless explicitly permitted by the publisher/developer.

Even if you have the game on a disc, the MS still needs to repackage the Xbox 360 game with a Virtual Machine and distribute that to you. The game disc is only used for authentication!

By getting permission, MS also avoids legal issues.

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Palitera1271d ago

Specially if there is the chance for a performance boost. Can anyone please provide confirmed info on this?

JasonKCK1271d ago

There is for Mass Effect. A video side by side popped up earlier and showed less texture pop in when running on an X1.

Svinya1271d ago

I hope Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise chugs less on the X1. Will try it out tonight.

JasonKCK1271d ago

Actually it's not less pop in. After going back and watching it again there is no pop in at all, and it loads much faster. I think it's safe to expect a performance boost from the hardware.

Palitera1271d ago

Thanks a ton. Imagine RDR with better frame rate.

starbuck1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Ive played mass effect 1 to death and Im now in the preview so have been playing Mass Effect again on my one. It has virtually no pop in so far. This could be a placebo but im sure it looks sharper and loads quicker.
The only let down is no DLC so far, I hope that changes especially when it comes to Bethesdas games as well as Mass Effect 2+3 as Ive brought all the DLC

XanderZane1270d ago

I didn't know anything about a performance boost. That's even better news if it's really true. There were some games on the XBox 360 that didn't perform as well as they could have, so any increase in speed and performance for these games is just an added bonus.

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tmh35931270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I just need skyrim and xcom enemy within and ill be a happy camper.

TheBrit1270d ago

Yeah they are.
I can say that it works great, I have only played viva pinata for a few minutes but it was flawless and even though I have a 360 still, pressing the two buttons and popping up the old menu was kinda cool :)

I have to say also, using the Xbox preview program along with my windows 10 preview, the game streaming blew my freaking mind. I was playing Halo Master Chief Edition on my computer on high graphics and it was absolutely lag free, just plugged the controller into the usb port and off I went.

The cool thing is, my computer upstairs is plugged into a gig switch that goes to a 100mb switch which goes back over the house to a gig router so once I replace my 100mb switch with my new 1 gig switch this weekend, that bottleneck is gone - truly blown away with being able to play like that especially because my XB1 is on the family t.v - now I just pop into the computer room, tell the Xbox to turn on remotely and play whatever I like - very slick.

Software_Lover1270d ago

Any idea if Kinect games will work?

TheBrit1269d ago

Kinect games do not work with backwards compatibility.

I would doubt the windows kinect works with streaming the games over the local network to the p.c

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GiantEnemyCrab1271d ago

Already loving it in the preview. Spent some time playing Mass Effect and Geometry Wars on my Xbox One. MS flexing their software muscle.

cfc781271d ago

Any chance of an invite to the preview prg would really like to get into Mass Effect before the new game drops my gt is JONVXR240 would really appreciate it thanks.

KarmaV121271d ago

I'm trying to add you but it says nobody has that name. Are the O's, zeros?

4Sh0w1271d ago

Microsoft software engineers for X1 a freaking geniuses.

yippiechicken1271d ago

Would appreciate an invite also, if possible. GT same as my user name. Thanks in advance.

Kribwalker1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Anybody that wants in PM me and I'll send invites tomorrow. My GT is same as my user name. It usually takes 24-72 hours for MS to contact u

It literally boots up like a 360 loading strait to game, guide and all, really smooth and pretty cool

mkis0071271d ago

Can anyone add me to the preview mkis0077? How do you become a preview member anyway?

1270d ago
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Svinya1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I tried the original Geometry Wars on the X1, but with the third game being on there, it makes it really hard to play the original. And where the hell is Retro Evolved 2???!!! That's my favorite one. I play it weekly on the 360.

Infinite_Legion1271d ago

So how do you get into the preview program? Just wondering

n4rc1271d ago

someone already in it invites you.

i feel bad for the dude offering.. ive done it twice and got like 100 PMs lol..

Sepsi1271d ago

Any chance I could get an invite to the preview program? My gt is STG Sepsi

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WeAreLegion1271d ago

Just give me that sweet sweet Crackdown.

4Sh0w1271d ago

Legion, Stop playing with my emotions, I won't use this a lot, got to work and too much current stuff to play but the original Crackdown was 1 of my all time favorites from last gen, I mean you can smoke crack or play Crackdown, same thing.

Neoninja1271d ago

I'm pretty sure I read that all first party titles will be backwards compatible. So you're wish for Crackdown should be happening sooner than later.

RiseofScorpio1271d ago

Cool stuff. I hope their available in the X1 digital store awell under a new 360 section.

Bigpappy1271d ago

This is my main surprise from E3 and I am still in shock. They are going to put my XBLA on the game store for me to download and play. Nothing to but to get the games I bought back. I almost went to tears. That is simply just 'the right thing to do'. It is something that people don't seem to hold in high regard anymore, especially big corporations. I liked Phil before, but this has put a lair of trust and respect that makes me almost loyal at this point. It may nit seem like a lot to some people but the way this was handle gives a lot of insight into who this man really is. I like and respect him base on how he conducts himself, and how he always tries to do the right thing. Again, people like him are normally sought after by companies who's only focus is more money. No wonder it took so long for them to let him take the lead.

whitesoxfalife19761271d ago

I been made my switch back in 03, never looked back

WeAreLegion1271d ago

Wait. Are they adding Arcade games, too? I just assumed they were the full retail releases. I miss Fortresscraft.

Bigpappy1271d ago

Yep. You can confirm that with preview who are playing Geometry wars. But if you get a chance to listen to the M$ conference again, they mentioned that your digital content would just show up in the store for you to download.

Immorals1271d ago

A few of my xbla games have shown up in my queue :)