Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5’s Hype Gets Killed By Chagrined Gamers

One Angry Gamer "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 came onto the scene in a weird way. It was leaked by mistake and managed to gain a bit of hype. People were curious what Activision would bring to the table and when the gameplay footage finally arrived gamers faced the footage with the kind of chagrin one would imagine emanating from a strict Catholic household when they find out their daughter is marrying a Wiccan."

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3-4-51219d ago

* Once you've played a more realistic style of skating game it's difficult to find that much enjoyment in this very arcadey style.

* I used to love Tony Hawk games, but once I played Skate 2, I realized just how good a skating game should have been all along.

* I don't want to do unrealistic super jumps and spins over and over again.

That gets old now after like 20-30 minutes.

* I want to skate where in a city with friends or alone and have my skater use his board like a real person would.

Have EVERYTHING in the city be skateable if your good enough to and mimick 4-5 real cities if possible.

I want to earn that kick flip like you would in real life.

ThichQuangDuck1219d ago

Fully agreed for those excited for Tony Hawk I am happy for them,but Skate is what I love now. There is something so rewarding about it. THPS doesn't look to be doing anything particularly new either. Basically just looks like a HD remake. Activision could do more interesting things

Soldierone1219d ago

I was happy they went back to the original style of keeping it within a park and doing "runs" for points, but the game visually looks like a PS1 title let alone a PS2 title.

It looks clunky, it looks visually like it was meant for smartphones, and it doesn't look fun. Hell half of what they showed off was just copy and paste from the HD release.....

Scatpants1219d ago

Looks extremely disappointing. Like an 8 year old game or something. Terrible.

N0TaB0T1219d ago

I just wish the vanilla 1-4 titles were available on one disc with none of this anniversary fluff of new modes or stupid exclusive goals.

Moe-Gunz1219d ago

This looks like THPS2 -__-

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