Yu Suzuki Wants To Introduce A New QTE System For Shenmue 3

Yu Suzuki goes into more detail about Shenmue III.

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Godmars2901218d ago

Has no one told these people about QTEs and the gaming community? Especially "elaborate" ones?

Goldenarmz1218d ago

There's a lot of games that still use QTE.

ShinMaster1218d ago

Can't have Shenmue without QTEs. The first game pioneered it.
And at least they'll be more elaborate this time around.

Rimgal1218d ago

You do realize this game is being made for the fans of the serie right?

And that they are fully aware about the game mechanics. And they want the game to be faithful to the originals. And they waited for this game for 14 years, shouldn't you just be happy for them? Instead of going to an article to bitch and complain about a game that you clearly have no interest in it.

nevin11218d ago

Aren't you bitching now?

Adrian_v011218d ago

It's Godmars, he's always bitchin' about everything.

ChronoJoe1218d ago

I'm just going to put this out there and say, I actually like QTEs.

I don't understand the hate some foster for them. I've always enjoyed them. In some cases they feel inappropriate but in others, especially action orientated games I feel they help the player retain a sense of control during the games more cinematic moments, enabling these non-playable sequences to keep a similar sense of immersion to gameplay.

EvilWay1218d ago

There is absolutely no reason to take control from the player in any game except in a cutscene. Why not just make it a cutscene where your character does what you would be doing by pressing a button?

Loktai1218d ago

Shenmue basically invented the QTE as we know it, and frankly it wouldnt be shenmue WITHOUT QTE, what the hell do people want? If all you want is to walk around doing minigames play Yakuza, but this is shenmue, I Want it to pick up where it left off and not abandon what made it unique even if so many have adopted the same mechanics.

Please understand its a sequel and not a full re imagining of the story. It needs QTEs if for nothing else than nostalgia.

Pillsbury11218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

QTEs can be a little annoying, BUT SHENMUE is the ONLY exception.

Cuz it's shenmue, 1st day backer here.

S2Killinit1218d ago

Shenmue was great. Don't try to label it, it won't work. They should make Shenmue exactly the way it was. I don't think Suzuki is the type of person who would care too much about what people think/say. Otherwise we would never have had Shenmue to begin with.

GranTurismoFan1218d ago

Shenmue 3 is happening because of the fans, not people who don't give a sh** about it like you.

Some people LOVE to complain about ANYTHING...

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OrangePowerz1218d ago

QTEs are part of Shenmues DNA.

oIITSBIIo1218d ago ShowReplies(4)
-Foxtrot1218d ago

Dosen't this prove how successful old franchises can be

I mean if more developers did this with franchises which would most likely not see the light of day it could end up working...or create a franchise similar to a one owned by a greedy company.

Shenmue III


Toejame and Earl

Mighty No 9

Shinji Mikami should get himself on and create a game just like Resident Evil with a similar plot...just with a vampire virus instead.

Godmars2901218d ago

Wait until the game is out and proper reaction can be taken.

As is all that been said is that suckers will pay for promises.

Timesplitter141218d ago

The Evil Within kinda was that game

darx1218d ago

I'am willing to wager that budget vs sales...this game will bust.

MilkMan1218d ago

Let me guess?
We all gonna give it a pass, cause you know its Shenmue.
You just can't make this sh*t up.
Love collective internet logic.

ShinMaster1218d ago

You say that like QTE is a dirty word.

Shenmue not only pioneered QTEs but it's part of the game's main mechanics.
You can't have a Shenmue game without QTEs.

Th3o1218d ago

What pass? It's one of the game's iconic game play features...would u hold it against God of war?

I don't get this "pass" because it's Shenmue.

OB1Biker1218d ago

One of these narrow minded expressions the kids see on the internet and keep saying here and there

DigitalRaptor1218d ago

This isn't about free passes.

Blame a developer that implements QTEs that don't compliment the vision of the game, but don't blame the mechanic or make this about imaginary double standards.

Resident Evil 4 had great and tasteful implementation of QTE.

Resident Evil 6 had abhorrent overuse of the mechanic.

Heavy Rain is the game that it is because of QTEs within its adventure gameplay.

God of War series has great gameplay that is accented by gratifying QTEs.

Shenmue is a fantastic game for reasons including and excluding its use of QTEs.

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