Phil Spencer Talks Microsoft’s E3 Conference and His Highlights: Backwards Compatibility and More

Phil Spencer talked about his highlights from Miucrosoft's E3 press conference.

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bennissimo1223d ago

Halo 5's Warzone mode was enough for me to take the MS conference seriously.

Elit3Nick1223d ago

If you haven't already seen this video of a full match you really should

bennissimo1223d ago


This mode may as well be smack. Between this and SW: BF, I'm gonna OD on big sci-fi battles this holiday season. :)

gangsta_red1223d ago

The Game Preview program is something else that people are not talking about. It's great that MS is bringing this to consoles.

And having DayZ(?) and Elite: Dangerous played early is a huge bonus.

Immorals1223d ago

Downloaded the trial for elite dangerous, but been distracted by the gears beta!

nigelp5201223d ago

If they can get 95% of Xbox 360 games on Xbox One that would be amazing.

I was hoping to see games from other 1st party studios though but I am a happy Xbox owner

GearSkiN1223d ago

Just keep voting for the game you want to be backward compatible.

proudxgamer1223d ago

Happy to be a Owner of a X1...Proud to be a gamer We all Win!
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