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Sony’s E3 2015 press conference was packed to the gills with exciting game reveals, but one that particularly stood out was Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, a brand new IP that looks absolutely gorgeous. The initial trailer left my head buzzing with many questions about what this new game was, and fortunately I was able to have a few of those answered the following day in a closed-door session with a few of the developers, the game’s first ever live demonstration.

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uth111219d ago

> The Thundermaul comprises 93 separate elements, each with their own hit points and
> effects. You’re not just shooting it any which way to grind down its health, but instead
> where you hit really matters, making the battle much more tactically interesting. For
> instance, Aloy used one of her explosive arrows to knock off the disc-launcher from the
> beast’s back, which she the picked up to use against it, knocking off its protective armor
> plating. By hitting the sensitive “muscles” peeking between the creature’s armor, Aloy can
> deal three times as much damage.

sounds amazing!

nicksetzer11219d ago

This all seemed pretty obvious from the demo other than elements. That said when I saw this game, I knew exactly how amazing it was. There is no question this game will revolutionize what we perceive as next gen and it looks soo unique too.

Cannot wait.

MrSec841218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

The thing I got from this game is the sheer attention to detail that's being paid to everything within it.
How everything just seems to logically fit, seems like Guerrilla Games have really paid attention to how Naughty Dog makes their games, because they want to make something they really enjoy playing.
The guys that came up with the concept for this title are pure geniuses!!

Even though I'd read pretty much all of the rumors about Horizon before going into it still blew me away.

Nothing quite prepared me for how alive everything seems, this is a game I have absolute faith in that it will unquestionably deliver on it's potential.
The very fact that Guerrilla Games was allowed to hire some of the best in the business at building these kinds of enormous, densely packed games is a big part of it, but seeing what it is in reality I think this is a title that will fill me with some very string emotions every time more of it is revealed.

I think this could be up there with The Last of Us for it's sheer moment to moment experiences.
I don't think I can prepare myself for how wonderful this game is going to be.

Very few games do this to me, in fact I don't think any game, ever has made me feel this way, just from the reveal.

I must have watched the trailer at least 10X already and every time I do there's something more to realize about the game.
I can't wait for this, only Fallout 4 comes close to this games reveal, this generation is going to be utterly wonderful!!!!!

GordonKnight1218d ago

Horizon Zero was the best next gen game at E3.

miyamoto1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Guerilla Games has just created the perfect game for me. The execution is genius and perfect.

This will make Shinji Vanquish Mikami very very envious.

Eat this Cwiffy B!

This is mastery of all gaming conventions!

The concept of this game is absolute genius.

That Fallout and Witcher writer is one brilliant genius working on this game.

A brilliant crossover of nature and technology.

Ansolutely stoked for this game.

KilluaX31218d ago

Next Gen? It's current gen. Will you call it "next gen" when PS4 is 7 years old? Lol.

thorstein1218d ago

Robot dinosaurs.

That is all. ;D

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MasterCornholio1219d ago

Sounds way more interesting than a system where you just hit an enemy until they die. This way you actually have to work with your aim which is fantastic in my opinion.

Brunire1218d ago

Agreed. It looks very fun and innovative.

Bathyj1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Thats what stood out for me in the demo. She didnt just shoot anywhere. She surgically dissected that beast part by part, taking out strategic points. It will really help to know your enemy on this one. And knocking off its own weapon to use against it, that was fantastic.

Other things I liked were the graphics (DUH), stealth looks like a viable option as youre hunting not just killing,(kind of rare in an open world) and the range of wildlife if we can call it that. I cant wait to see what other sorts of creatures come up and I also think they will not all be enemies, or at least not all threatening. The way she took out that first Robosaur©, only because it was giving away her position and then apoligised to it makes me think you only kill when you need to, not simply be a death dealing kill machine like most games.

Septic1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Its the kind of depth in these shooters that has been absent for years. Usually it boils down to mindlessly shoot at the boss or at best, shoot this glowing bit here, but Horizon has taken such a comprehensive take on it. It makes you wonder why no one did it before.

GordonKnight1218d ago

The game does have a deep tribal sense. Sort of like the movie Avatar.

Sevir1218d ago

I think this methodical dissemination, was made possible by settling on machines. I'm glad they did, because this game was really a surprise. and the game play was the best part of it.

This game reveal was the best thing of E3 this year, and certainly stole the show for me more so than all the other bombshell and surprise announcements throughout the day..

The game play beat out even Uncharted 4 and Gears 4 and that was a surprise in and of itself.

metalmatters1218d ago

Reminded me a lot of Avatar, how she apologizes for killing that little robot and watching all those wild weird creatures. Also the whole tribe premise was all Avatar there. This game is gonna be awesome. Best game of E3. It wasnt just a trailer either, it was actual gameplay

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UKmilitia1218d ago

i just hope it has the story because its whatsalways been the let down to GG releases.
enjoyable games thatl ook amazing but not solid solid story.

metalmatters1218d ago

they did hire the writer from Fallout and the Witcher so there's hope

3-4-51218d ago

I don't own a PS4, but Horizon was the one game that caught me by surprise and stood out amongst most of the other games.

* It's another game that makes me want a PS4.

I'm hoping you get to play as more than just that main character. It would be cool to play other members of the tribe as well.

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Thatguy-3101219d ago

This seems to be the game evwryone is raving about. The reason it's getting so much cover is because its a new IP. Seeing something thats amazingband new trounces stapled games because we already know a lot about them.

Sokol1218d ago

Well said, we need more AAA new Intellectual Properties.

I don't mind sequels but Horizon reminds us how fantastic, unique and intriguing a new game can be.

It's long overdue. Well done Sony.

Summons751219d ago

This game looks interesting but I need more gameplay. It also reminded me a bit of WilD...speaking of which, whatever happened to WiLD? It was at E3 last year but disappeared off the face of the Earth.

NatureOfLogic_1218d ago

I believe Wild, Rime and other games that Sony missed will be at their next event. I hope Rime releases this year or maybe early next year.

rextraordinaire1218d ago

Yeah I wanted to see WiLD too, it looked cool last year!

morganfell1218d ago

It makes sense that WiLD would be held back for the Paris show since Ancel is behind it and he lives and works in France. I really can't wait for that game.

ABizzel11218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I though Wild was shown at Gamescom. Anywho it's more than likely going to be shown off later this year at Sony's Paris Games week conference in October, and possibly playable at PSX if they have another one.

Sony skipped the Gamescom conference since E3 was so late this year (usually Early June, not mid) and since Games com was so early this year (early Auugust, usually mid / late August).

But instead they're going to Paris Games Week in October which is going to be big this year since it got some huge sponsors in CocaCola. SO my guess is their EU, AAA indie, and other games are going to be shown off here.

DLConspiracy1218d ago

This game is one of the few I am stoked for. I am trying to curb some of my excitement as I feel there will be downgrades incoming. It looks too beautiful to stay this way. Just feels like they are going to have to tone down something to make th final product work. I'm sure it will still be amazing.

Summons751217d ago

IF they do have to ever so slightly make a barely noticeable downgrade it's going to be for the sake of having a good game. This downgrade whining needs to stop, most of the time it never is true or hardly noticeable and it's ALWAYS for the sake of having a better game because gameplay comes far before "having a pretty game".

DLConspiracy1216d ago


I wasn't whining. Of course I want a better game. I just don't trust the visuals that everyone talks about. Still gonna buy it. Never said it was gonna make the game bad either. I just don't put much faith in this being the final visual product as everybody else does.

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chrisx1219d ago

this game looks and feels fanrastic. guerilla games might have just outdone themselves with this. potential new hit series for them

RocketScienceLvlStuf1218d ago

"fanrastic" lol.

Somehow your typo for that word sounds better than the actual word itself :)

Bathyj1218d ago

Im buying a fanrastic bunduru this Christmas.

SmokingMonkey1218d ago

Those graphics in an Open World game?

Only Guerilla could pull that off, maybe Naughty Dog or ....No that's it.

Jeff2571218d ago

Yes those are very impressive and the guys at Guerilla said today that what they showed was Pre-Alpha. Now let that sink in for a moment. The game looks that good now so just imagine what it can become with more polish as it gets closer to an actual release.

circus_freaks1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Not putting this game down but keep in mind that Pre-Alpha usually means "vertical slice". I love Guerilla games and they do amazing work. I expect this game to be up to their standards. This isn't an Ubi bait and switch. Of course what we saw is going to look good. This pre-alpha will look better than the finished product. That's the nature of the biz.

MrSec841218d ago

Judging by how much better Uncharted 4 looks now compared to the PSX demo it's definitely overtaken the initial target render of E3 2014.

I'd say Horizon already looks better than Uncharted 4 at the PSX reveal, although it does have a few pop-in issues, which is understandable given it's open world, the sheer draw distance involved and the fact it's only had a full sized team working on it for a year and a half.
I think Guerrilla Games mentioned the challenges of Streaming in assets, trying to push their tech forward, even in an open world.
Shinobi602 said initially that Horizon was intended as a Fall 2015 release, recently he said Guerrilla were still prototyping some gameplay features, but given that the studio are at this level after only a year and a half in full development, with all hands on deck I think it's possible it could make it before Summer, like May 2016.

Perhaps it slips to the Fall of 2016, if they had twice the amount of time they've already had this would go from the already phenomenal state it's at, to a word that hasn't even been invented yet.

medman1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Your "vertical slice" doesn't applies to what they showed, which was in a vast expanse in a large open world...and Guerilla's had this game in development for 4 1/2 years already, they know how to polish.

Did you even read the article? Here are some quotes from the article detailing that the demonstration was played a different way when the author of the article saw it later "The demonstration covered the same segment of gameplay shown in the reveal trailer, but because the developer was playing live, he made some different choices in his approach to show off Aloy’s tactical and strategic flexibility." "Rather than going straight in and picking off a few of the Grazers with her bow like she does in the trailer, the developer instead opted to set up a trap. She used the rope caster, shown in the trailer for pinning down the massive Thundermaul, to run explosive trip wires between a few boulders near the herd. Her trap set, she then fired an explosive arrow at a boulder on the opposite side, spooking the herd into charging the other direction and getting blown to smithereens." Sorry, that's no vertical slice, that's just pure awesome.

I have no doubt the game will look minimally as good as what they showed at E3. And I can't wait to see how this world and these creatures look at night in a driving thunderstorm. Incredible to think about.

Sevir1218d ago

This has to be a Fall 2016 release.

Spring Next year is packed for Sony

Uncharted 4
Street Fighter 5
and Ratchet and Clank.

The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn seem like late 2016 releases as well as World of Final Fantasy and Neir 2... and we still have no clue what Bend Studio is up to, Quantic Dream is hard at work on their New PS4 game and sucker punch and Sony Santa Monica are busy working on God of war and a New IP and then ofcourse their Polyphony's GT7 which we'll supposedly get a new look at soon.

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