Disgaea 3 DLC Coming to US

GamersPlatform Writes:

"GamersPlatform has confirmed with NIS America that the DLC (downloadable contet) that came out in Japan on the day of Disgaea 3's release will be arriving to US Shores. I asked when it will be released but NIS America's PR just replied, "It will come later".

So there you have it folks. Disgaea fans asking whether we will get DLC here in the US has been confirmed with a YES answer! Stay tuned for our hands-on preview of the game later tonight or tomorrow as we explore the English version of Disgaea 3!

We will have our interview with NIS America's PR, Nao, posted early next week, which should answer all of your RPG related questions."

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Poor Xbots3743d ago

When is Disgaea 3 coming out in USA?

Playstation Man3743d ago

For those REAL RPG fans playing PS3. How can you call yourself an RPG fan and complain that no good RPGs are coming to the PS3 with this game, maybe THE best SRPG ever on the horizon? Sure, the visuals are NOT PS3 worthy. But the gameplay is the top of the genre. Get over it people and open your minds. There is more than just Square-Enix out there for RPGs and real RPG hardcores know this. Disgaea 3 (japan well reviewd), Valkyria Chronicles (japan well reviewed) and Eternal Sonata with exclusive content make up a sweet PS3 EXCLUSIVE FALL 08.