Cuphead: Silly Symphonies Return, A GFN Interview

"Cuphead made a stunning presence at the E3 conference this year, and our very own team had the privilege to interview key developers. See what we learned." - Jen Galik of GamerFitnation

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gangsta_red1272d ago

Such a fantastic looking game. When they previewed this game at the MS conference it looked as challenging as it did fun.

Can't wait to get my hands on this.

Neoninja1272d ago

Said the same thing, this for me is a must have.
The only complaint I have and it may be unfounded, but to me it looks like its all boss fights which is fine. I'd just wish to see some side scrolling point A-B action. Chances are if it's the success I think it's going to be, we'll probably get a sequel and it'll be fleshed out more in there.
Until then I can't wait to play this game!