E3: Ranking the Press Conferences

Davis from Gamespresso ranks his conferences from worst to first for E3 2015/

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twdll1272d ago

Im sorry, but I disagree. MS should be number one. I mean cmon the Hololens demo was spectacular stuff IMHO.

NguFootman1272d ago

I'll have to disagree with the disagreement, the hololens while spectacular, doesn't hold a candle to the hype train that Sony rolled out. Throughout the presentation.

Alvanator1272d ago

I'll have to disagree to the disagreed disagreedment, Bethesda revealed what the gamers have wanted for a very long time and are also releasing great suprises such as a mobile game, a functional pip boy, a network, etc. Bethesda took over E3 2015 in it's first year.