Don't Expect PS4/Xbox One Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

BioWare hasn't ruled it out, but there are no plans right now to bring the first three games to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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CaptainSellers1220d ago

There is quite a vocal demand for this, EA should give the green light and outsource it to a reputable dev (i.e Bluepoint) if they want to use Bioware's time/resources purely for the new game.

By the time Mass Effect comes out at the back end of 2016, it will have been almost 5 years since the last game and it would be a great way to bring fans back and for newcomers to familiarise with the series.

I strongly believe it it in their best interest to make this happen.

TheXgamerLive1219d ago

The PS4 could never and would never be allowed a trilogy as the first game was produced and supported by Microsoft studios in an agreement w/Bioware. It was an MS Exclusive.

mikeslemonade1219d ago

Good news!

Stop remastering games from last gen.

Stringerbell1219d ago

Except for the fact that the first game and by proxy the trilogy already exists on the PS3. I own it as a matter of fact.

solidsnake2221219d ago

The original was released on Playstation 3 a couple years ago so I wouldn't rule it out by any means.

Skate-AK1219d ago

The original Mass Effect came to PS3 years ago as a digital download. It was also included in a trilogy disc release.

_-EDMIX-_1219d ago

Pretty late bud. EA bought the IP and publishing rights to Mass Effect, MS owns zero of it as of 2007. In fact, MS never owned the IP, Bioware did. EA published Mass Effect 1 on PC, not MS. EA published Mass Effect 1 on PS3...not MS.

On topic. Its not even up to Bioware as much as its up to EA, its EA's IP. They wouldn't even be directly doing it as they outsourced the Wii U port anyway.

This team might be the team that does the ports...maybe. But EA and Bioware wouldn't say even if they where as I doubt they would be that transparent.

A port is very likely near release.

Agent_00_Revan1219d ago

I've played the entire trilogy collection on the PS3.

SolidGear31219d ago

Been sleeping under a rock? I have the trilogy for ps3. Where you been the last 3 years since it released?

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EvilWay1219d ago

I disagree. They are starting new I think with new characters so it will be a new game. Mass Effect one was exclusive and produced by MS studios like TheXgamerluve said.

I wouldn't say I am apossed to it but it's not needed. MS is going to have them with backwards compatitbility so many can still play them :)

The luxury of being a multi console owner

CaptainSellers1219d ago

Erm, the first is game IS available on the PS3...

SolidGear31219d ago

Another person that's been sleeping under a rock for quite some time since the trilogy came to PS3. How does someone into Mass Effect not remember the full trilogy releasing on PS3??!

raggy-rocket1219d ago

Reluctant to get the original trilogy, can't bring myself to spend that long on last gen games. Giving them a lick of paint and a collection would sway me though!

DillyDilly1219d ago

So are they gonna finally add 2 & 3 on the XBOX Digital Store ? After the Backwards Compatibility Update rekeases ? They were never uploaded

andydalum1219d ago

Well not remastered BUT since BC was announced that's all i need. I'll play the trilogy a couple times before new mass effect game :D. Not saying im a xbox fanboy since i think both systems are great but im glad i own a Xbone for now.

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The story is too old to be commented.