Horizon: Zero Dawn Easter Egg Spotted In Killzone: Shadow Fall

One eagle-eyed Twitter user uploaded the video, he then asked Mathijs de Jonge who is the game director of Killzone 2,3, Liberation and the upcoming PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, he subsequently confirmed the clue.

"Well spotted," he replied. "The robot did undergo some changes, though."

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Mega241246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I'm, exited for this one, looks beautiful, and it's concept is intriguing.

Takwin1246d ago

After Fallout 4, this might be the most intriguing game. Was amazing.

leemo191246d ago

The game looks gorgeous and I'm excited to play. I hope its big enough world to explore and there's not to many close off sections.

Relientk771246d ago

I hope theres a collectors edition for this game

I want action figures/statues something of these robotic dinosaurs

unworthyBOZO1245d ago

The art is truly amazing.