Joe Montana Football 16 is mobile first and maybe PC later

The perpetually teased and rumored about Joe Montana Football 16 was finally announced today. It's a mobile-first game however, with a chance of eventually reaching PC.

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gangsta_red1244d ago

The let down of the century people! I guess Madden is here to stay.

Neoninja1244d ago

You can say that again. I knew it was way too good to be true.

Jughead34161244d ago

I really want to see someone compete with Madden. 2k or maybe even SCE San Diego (MLB The Show dev). EA has no reason to do anything different than they've been doing. They have no competition. That's why we keep getting the same game every year.

freshslicepizza1243d ago

all this hype over a mobile game? what a letdown.

scientificreasoning1244d ago

Anyone who believed it was an x1 exclusive was a raging x1 fanboy moron.....MS is not going to piss off EA and EA has an exclusive deal for the license.

DillyDilly1244d ago

There will be NFL mods no doubt if it hits PC

1244d ago
Number-Nine1244d ago

its a mobile game!? bwahahahaha! wow. what trollage

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The story is too old to be commented.