What The Hell Happened With Nintendo and EA At E3?

With companies like Bethesda, Sony, Microsoft, and Square Enix delivering amazing E3 2015 conferences, Nintendo and EA seemed to have such a lackluster conferences. In this article ThisGenGaming will be looking into what went wrong with both Nintendo's Digital Event and EA's conference.

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ritsuka6661221d ago

The Wii U is over. Still plenty of time to upgrade your PC, or buy another console and still get the most out of this generation.

mikeslemonade1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

EA did better than Microsoft.

I had a debate with my friend and I will change my grade for Nintendo. Earlier I had Nintendo with a B and MS with a B-. Now Nintendo gets a C+ and MS stays at B-.

However I think all the conferenes were better than both MS and NIntendo except the PC gamers conference.

AngelicIceDiamond1221d ago

That's a funny joke. EA doing better than MS. I know your joking.

Repjaws1221d ago

Wait EA did better than Ms?Ill have what you're having mate.

soul-assassin-1221d ago

EA was by far the worst....they knew they messed the conference up when Pele sent half the floor to sleep!

fermcr1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Did you forget to take you meds today?

As for EA's conference, yep, it wasn't very good.
I didn't see Nintendo's conference.

jackwei221221d ago

EA Mobile gaming was the worst I actually muted the volume and did something else in the meantime until it was finished.

700p1221d ago

you keep proving to me more and more..u suck at trolling.

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AngelicIceDiamond1221d ago

EA spent way to much time on sports it was ridiculous. If I was a die hard sports fan I would say they won E3 hands down, but it wsn't for me. Plus that mobile games section was atrocious. Unraveld was a new Ip and congrats to those guy but I was left wondering where the big stuff was at.

I give EA a 4.5/10 Star Wars, Mirrors Edge, Need For Speed and ME4 were impressive for the little time that they got. The sports showcase was clearly filler and the mobile stuff was a joke.

This'll be EA's second bomb in a year and I was looking forward to these guys this E3. I truly think next year they'll bring it harder I am optimistic.

Big_Game_Hunters1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

They dropped Wiiu support, wha we know about right now is all we are getting for wiiu. Then the NX will release in 2016.
Wiiu has plenty of great games and a few more great ones on the way, I definitely don't regret buying a WIIU. Its just a shame we aren't getting metroid. That wouldve really completed the WIIU lineup.

iamnsuperman1221d ago

You are right. They are essentially preparing to launch a new system.

crazychris41241221d ago

EA should have given us a demo for Mirrors Edge, not another in engine trailer

Summons751221d ago

or 35 minutes of sports, mobile, and Plants vs Zombies. Ugh worst presser ever. Nintendo's was fine, they had games...just ones they announced before hand.

DualWielding1221d ago

EA was just meh but Nintendo was pathetic, the worse conference I've ever seen

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