Fumito Ueda on The Last Guardian’s grand E3 reveal

By: Fred Dutton // SCEE Blog Manager:
There are few games that inspire such passion and devotion among gamers than those of Fumito Ueda. His twin PS2 classics, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, are rightly beloved for their extraordinary atmosphere, thoughtful mechanics and evocative storytelling. Duly, it was no surprise that his ambitious third game, The Last Guardian, was met with feverish enthusiasm when first announced for PS3 back in 2009.

Since then – as is well documented – everything largely went quiet, but finally the wait is nearly over. It’s re-reveal for PS4 this week was a real lump-in-the-throat moment and – forgive my shameless partisanship – one of the highlights of a packed E3 week, where big announcements have come thick and fast.

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remanutd551246d ago

I have waited an entire generation for Ueda's next masterpiece, I completely loved the demo. I think i read somewhere that the kid and trico have just met and are starting to build a relationship when the demo starts, man without any violence,gun blazing or even dialogue Ueda tells so much in just a few minutes of gameplay. Loved the way trico and kid bond at the beginning as if saying we need other to overcome this adventure.

ThichQuangDuck1246d ago

I found it most interesting that the jumps were not quicktime events

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1246d ago

This game is far more advanced technically than people think it is. The AI, dynamic physics, animation and scale of the enviornment freaking glorious. I bet the biggest challenge last gen for this game was the animation and ai for Trico the creature. There is no way something that advanced could have worked properly last gen. This looks like it will be a beautiful experience. I can't wait to see the relationship unfold with Trico and the child.

chrisx1246d ago

Ueda is a genius, and the last guardian looks amazing

goldwyncq1246d ago

Can't wait to play How to Train Your Trico.

George Sears1246d ago

It was good to see Trico not being useless like Yorda. Can't wait.

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