Do you Agree with these Top 5 E3 2015 Announcements?

An E3 laden with top quality happenings as this video which looks at the top 5 E3 2015 announcements made during the various press conferences details. But are the choices agreeable?

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ShadesMoolah1219d ago

Backward Compatibility is a huge deal, and all the more impressed it actually remained a pleasant surprise for E3.

I do think Sony are in a position to combat that though. Emulating the 360 console so almost all games can be supported with minimal fuss is big, and given the more complex nature of PS3's architecture it's unlikely to happen for PS4, at least natively.

Sony however do have their PS Now streaming service, so it is within their power to offer backwards compatibility. Much like Microsoft they can analyse your PSN account to determine what PS3 digital games you own, and analyse legacy PS game discs, and simply allow you to stream them through their PS Now service. Naturally being heavy on traffic I would anticipate a bare minimum of a PS+ subscription being required, but that's certainly better than paying for individual titles or a monthly subscription. Those options can still be present, I'm just merely suggesting that they do have the power to offer streaming BC.

medman1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I agree...Sony has the ability to so as you suggested, or possibly simply lower the psnow pricing if it chooses, or perhaps offer a psplus subscription for those who want to play older games at a slightly higher annual price point. Many of the gaming journalists I've listened to don't seem to even have contemplated this possibility, which is hard to comprehend. Sony has flexibility going forward in the future where this subject is concerned. Whether they choose to do any of these things remains to be seen, but it's certainly possible and quite simple for them to do given their set up.