Nomura wants more Final Fantasy remakes — but not from the PlayStation era

GamesBeat: We got to talk to the Final Fantasy VII remake director about future new versions of classic entries in the series.

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Tolkoto1220d ago

I'd love remakes of all of them.

Godmars2901220d ago

I want to see the series continue without the focus on cinematic. Games where spells are earned in side quests or given by summons. Where actual character development is a thing rather than unearned shows of emotion.

NewMonday1220d ago


younger gamers need to know why its the best FF ever, better than FF7

gerol1220d ago

what!? FF8 and FF9 were both AMAZING!

CDzNutts1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I only remember 7 being Amazing. 8's art-style was awesome but the story was a mishmash of I dunno what.

9....I cant speak to the story, but the elfy art style pushed me away as I preferred the mature, futuristic direction of 7 and 8.

Kurisu1220d ago

I absolutely LOVED the art style in FFIX. It was a breath of fresh air compared to VII and VIII.

Lng1010101220d ago

Too bad. You're missing out on a few of the best JRPGs ever.

Magicite1220d ago

FF9 and Chrono Cross please.

Eamon1220d ago

FF9 is one of the finest games of all time.

However, it truly is perfect as it is. The vision of FF9 was definitely realised.

FF6 however had a huge part of its script cut. Cutscenes are much shorter than PS1 era FF games. It had grand ideas that were bottlenecked by the SNES hardware.

FF6 is the game from the pre-PS1 era that is in dying need of a remake. FF4 got its DS remake. FF6 needs its 3DS/Vita remake.

pivotplease1220d ago

As much as I'd like a IX remake you're right. VI probably deserves a remake the most when you consider how ambitious it was but how limited it was tech-wise. Many, like myself, also consider it the best Final Fantasy (tied with IX for me actually). I guess VII deserves one just as much though because it was easily one of the top 5 Final Fantasies, but it showed up in the transition period from 2D to 3D and actually has some of the ugliest graphics I've seen in a game. The combat graphics were pretty good though for some reason.

_-EDMIX-_1220d ago

They are amazing, but remaking any one before VII allows for a full 100% remake in all concepts as those games are not in 3D (besides FFIII and FFIV being put on DS, Steam etc) But it allows for them to do a bit more. I sorta agree with him on that notion. We don't know the team making FFVII right now and rumor is that its Cyber Connect is the team helping get this done. Nomura actually considered them to do the FFVII remake, so its very likely that is the team doing it.

and really, who doesn't like FF9? Such an amazing title! (might get on PSN later this week now lolz)

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Number-Nine1220d ago

never had a chance to play so I would love one

DonkeyDoner1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

not PS era so 1-6 and 6 is the most demand from fans

pivotplease1220d ago

How does XII need one? It came out so recently and still doesn't look that dated. That and the story and game were pretty horrendous. Easily one of the worst iterations from the perspective of someone who has played through them all. Don't mean to be an FF snob but people who like that game should seriously go through a backlog of classic JRPGs to understand how inherently flawed and thoughtless that game is.

/end rant with heavy breathing

-Foxtrot1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

If they do the Final Fantasy VII Remake and decide to do something else OTHER then Final Fantasy VIII....I'd be so ticked off.

If you are doing FFVII then give FFVIII and FFIX fans their remakes.

"and we’ve noticed that V and VI are missing"

and so are FFVIII and FFIX

Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI are games that could be done for the 3DS/PSV

Irishguy951220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

"Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI are games that could be done for the 3DS/PSV "

So are FF8 and 9, and 7 for that matter. Thats not he remake he is talking about.

Doesn't really matter about full 3D worlds. In fact the OLDER a game is, the more justified a remake is imo

Every FF deserves the treatment FF7 is getting, especailly for 4 and 6, since there are many people who see them as the superior FF's. Also they really pushed the games in terms of quality. Just like FF7 did. It would be more right and logical for FF6 to get remade. FF7 got it because of its popularity. FF6 should too.

-Foxtrot1220d ago

Not really.

Final Fantasy 1-4 have all been done on the handheld

Final Fantasy VII onwards is when they first started to create full 3D worlds.

It makes more sense for them to get fully remade.

pivotplease1220d ago

I think his point is that a remake could transfer the amazing stories, characters, and worlds from the 2D era. It's entirely possible and imo offers up the greatest sense of novelty since you would be playing something entirely different. I want the remakes that both of you guys are talking about though lol. 4 and 8 are the ones I could live without though just because 8 is really quirky and its story goes down the toilet disc 3 and 4 is incredibly short and light on side content and starts ambitious story-wise but also gets pretty goofy (lets go to the moon because we didn't make a big enough overworld).

AntsPai1220d ago

Thing is, V and VI were remade, I have them here on my phone. They aren't great remakes but they still exist.

LightofDarkness1219d ago

Those are re-releases, not remakes.

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