23 New The Last Guardian Concept Art Images Hint at a Colossus?

After the megaton of an announcement at the opening of Sony’s E3 2015 conference, we did some digging and found a bunch of new concept art for The Last Guardian. There are some images that you HAVE to see, they hint at more colossus type characters.

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twdll1220d ago

Combining ICO and SoTC would be spectacular..

gaffyh1219d ago

I love Ico but a lot of people don't seem to.

LgbtWarrior1219d ago

Those people lack an artistic eye

starchild1219d ago

ICO was brilliant. I honestly loved it just as much as Shadow of the Colossus. In some ways ICO had an even bigger impact on me at the time because it was the first Fumito Ueda game that I played and it had that freshness about it. Both fantastic games, though, and I think it will be great if The Last Guardian has elements of both. The demo shown at E3 certainly reminded me a lot of ICO.

mikeslemonade1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

It's not even being about artistic and artsy fartsy.

The game suprises you by being mysterious just like the Souls series. You enter these new rooms and you wonder what's going on.

A combination of ICO and SOTC makes it the best. ICO was too puzzle oriented and SOTC was too empty in between Colossi. Here it's great where you explore a dungeon and do a few puzzles and then you encounter other big mysterious creatures.

ThichQuangDuck1219d ago

Trico is quite obviously a Colossus. I see the boy dying and that is part of why he is outlawed to Colossus land. The isolation from humanity leads to him going "dark".

We shall see though

Inzo1219d ago

Well...........theres no denying your imagination.

ThichQuangDuck1219d ago

I like to hope this is a prequel to SOTC as SOTC was a prequel to ICO

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1219d ago

Man I am so excited for this game. I am blown away with what I saw in the E3 demo. I know a lot of people saw it and couldn't see what the fuss is about but myself and the other people who played Ico and Shadow of the Colossus sure did. I am so impressed by Trico's animations and ai. I love the different behaviors and visual queues you get when talking to him. Trico says a lot to you with his behaviors and I can really feel that he is trying to talk to you in the only way he knows how which is with body language. Fumito Ueda and his team are truly talented people and great artists. I really cannot wait for this.

gosukyomomma1219d ago

exactly my girlfriend who likes games but is pretty much a casual said it didnt look that good graphically and looked boring.

thats where i had to school her a bit on what graphics are all i needed to say was just look at the detail in the feathers and the animation of Trico JUST LOOK! how each individual feather is beautifully crafted and the way they all move independantly with the movement and physics, she then said "wow i never realised or noticed those small details" and actually played the video again and the conversation changed into how the hell does someone go through creating a fictional animal that manages to look so real and believable. and at the end of the video when trico and the boy got to the top of the crumbling wall she cried! I was like wtf you crying for?! and she said the bond you will have with the boy and character is so emotional I already can feel the love and emotions similar to how she loves and cares for all her pets (shes an animal lover)

shes now in love with the game and can not wait to play it!

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1219d ago

That is great to hear man. I love when people start to look at the small details and then from that learn to see the big picture in games like TLG.

Abnor_Mal1219d ago

If you own Shadow of the Colossus you should let ur girlfriend play it. Then she will better understand these types of games better. She will get to form a bond with Argo. Then she will be crushed towads the end about Argo lol. Then happy again by the very end of the game.

Even though they wont i'm wishing on a remake of Shadow of the Colossus it would look truly awesome. Imagine the fur on most of the colossi and how that would look using the power of the PS4.

brando0081219d ago

All you guys are great, loving the comments. I also watched the conference with my girlfriend and she was taken back by how beautiful the game was, in art style, sound, character interactions, etc. While anticipating the next Team Ico gem, I keep remembering the bond formed with Agro in SotC, and of the connection I had with my dog, who passed after 16 years. These games are truly unique and touch players in a way that I believe no other medium is capable of doing. :)

unworthyBOZO1219d ago

Hmm... could hint that these worlds are all connected with each other ICO, Shadow, and now Last

Nate-Dog1219d ago

It would be nice, but Team ICO (or whatever I should call the team working on the game now since I'm not really sure right now) are well capable of making another brilliant unique world. If they all have some connection though? That would be pretty cool.

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