Hands-On Preview: Until Dawn I DualShockers

Can you survive "until dawn"? It may be difficult to know, but DualShockers takes a hands-on look with the upcoming PS4 exclusive Until Dawn at E3 2015 to see how the interactive horror movie come to life plays on PS4.

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bondsmx1245d ago

Might take a chance on this and go for it. Hope it doesn't disappoint

Brotard1245d ago

The coolest thing about this game is that it looks like it has

1. Replay value with all the choises and any character can die.

2. Like it can actually be scary.

3. But lighthearted campy fun at the same time depending on how you take it.

4. Drunk Party game!

ThichQuangDuck1245d ago

Going to wait until this is like 30-40 to be honest. I like the overall concept but something just feels off to me. Like there won't actually be all those branching paths or a interesting enough writing to justify it

REDDURT1245d ago

One of those no games in the second half right

IamTylerDurden11245d ago

Every hands on ends with good impressions, the game sounds really good with so many branching choices and hundreds of outcomes. Everyone can live or everyone can die, i love that, truly dynamic.

Day 1 for me, i want to experience every choice.

WizzroSupreme1245d ago

Until Dawn looks like great fun.