RPGamer: The Last Remnant Interview

At E3, RPGamer's Chris Privitere had the privilege of sitting down with Nobuyuki Ueda, Producer, and Syuichi Kobayashi, Senior Publicity Director of The Last Remnant, to discuss their highly anticipated game.

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Playstation Man3741d ago

Q: So how has development gone?

A: Well, you see. Square-Enix's new policy is to support the XBOX360 no matter what due to significant flows of financial assets making their way into our offices thanks to Microsoft. So with that, development has been 100% pro-360, hence why it is timed-exclusive for the console.

That said, the PS3 version needed to be tarnished in any way possible. Luckily, developing on the POS Unreal Engine, we were able to develop properly and still end up with a technically screwed version of the game on the PS3! I think it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Q: Everyone, except PS3 owners and Sony, right?

A: Well I mean, come on. You're a member of the media aren't you? Would you want it to be any other way?

Q: Dear God no! And that's why no matter how good or bad this game is when it's out timed-exclusive for the 360 it's getting at least a 9/10!!! Thanks for doing the interview!

A: It was my pleasure!