Guerrilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn shows a company that is leading, not following

Killzone creators Guerilla Games' new IP was one of the highlights of Sony's E3 press conference, showing a forward-thinking and intriguing game from the creators of what started life as a pale attempt at taking on Halo.

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gillri1246d ago

Killzone has better art direction than Halo? just no

nX1246d ago

Killzone 2 was incredible in that department, I still remember my reaction when playing it for the first time. Horizon already impressed me just as much, these guys are seriously talented.

slappy5081246d ago

Yeah, visuals aren't everything, but Horizons is very good looking, especially if it's open world, Shadow Falls visuals also blew me away, and wasn't such a bad game

Army_of_Darkness1246d ago

Halo may be the more popular game but don't deny the FACT that killzone 2/3 visually looks way better than any halo game released so far.
It's also a good game in general with fun multiplayer too.

DeadManMMX1246d ago

Look lets go back to Horizon Killzone is and always was the poor mans Halo and it never really succeeded and now its dead. So lets all move on. That's coming from someone who played and enjoyed Killzone: Shadowfall at launch and just finished Mercenary of Vita. It was the defintion of a "Me Too" FPS Action game. I'm glad they are finally going their own way and making a new IP that looks incredible. I was actually looking forward to a Killzone sequel to shadowfall but make no mistake it was in no way ever better then Halo.

morganfell1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )


And Intercept in Shadow Fall is just downright brutal. Not for the faint of heart. Damn I love that mode.

@Deadman. You left out IMO. Because tastes vary and plenty of us prefer the far far more gritty and gutcrushing MP/Coop in Killzone.

LackTrue4K1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

The art direction on halo has never changed, there just power rangers with crazy armor. Even years latter, Halo can't come out with any new ideas??

We're all here to compare visuals, stick to the subject kids.

Example: the looks between Destiny and Halo.
Different developer or not they're still going to stay/look the same.

GameDev11246d ago


A multimillion dollar franchise never succeded, right, even shadowfall which had an average campaign was one the best selling next gen games

RevXM1246d ago

Need some soundtrack to go with those pics? BWAAAH!

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MasterCornholio1246d ago

Horizon does have pretty good art in it especially the designs of the dinobots.

Brotard1246d ago

good argument bro.... "no just no"

I have to say you make a lot of good points. Especially when you said "no" that really made me step back and think maybe the author of this article really is wrong.

but then you went on to say "just no" and I thought gillri is right. just no, can't argue with such a profound rebuttal

MysticStrummer1246d ago

"Killzone has better art direction than Halo?"


OT - Horizon looks interesting to me and is obviously beautiful visually, but I don't see anything particularly innovative enough to justify the title of the article.

SmokingMonkey1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Biggest difference is Guerrilla will probably still make Killzone in the future,

While Halo is now being made by 343 and not Bungie.

Think of it like this, you like Metallica, so you go see Metallica live in concert and they are beasts, you love it.

A new band is made up of ex Metallica members. Now they are putting on a show and playing songs from the original band.

Somehow, it's not as good, sure all the content is there. But something is's the original talent.

IMO Killzone > Halo easily.

Judge without the goggles;


Halo 5 ;

I prefer killing Helghast over bugs.

Also one game has auto aim online, and one doesn't.

spicelicka1246d ago

I take it you've never actually played a halo game.

First of all, graphically killzone is better yes, that's why you're providing youtube videos. But you also realize how linear killzone is??

In halo you play in a sandboxes that are easily 4-5 times the size of any killzone mission, with way more enemies and vehicles all acting independently.

Secondly, the question is about art direction. In which case it all depends on what you like. I'd rather look at halo any day over killzone because it looks so much more interesting. And I prefer the vast array of enemy types and huge vehicles, over guys in gas masks and a couple of tanks. (See I can do that too)


SmokingMonkey1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I started my Xbox adventures with Halo 2 and XBlive and I was never impressed. Some say it's because I started with Halo 2.

Don't like the Moon physics, in real combat, I would imagine jumping around would get you killed, and you would literally catch bullets.

Don't like the Colorful spartans,

Don't like generic hollywood writing for Halo,

See Demolition Man

John Spartan sound familiar?

How about Simon Phoenix?

How about John being a juiced up 15 year old, so they can sell the game to 15 year olds?

I like Destiny's online, it feels very fluid. I imagine Halo's feel the same even today, even without Bungie.

Still KZSF online was greater for me.

Example: I can run and slide into First Person cover in KZSF, probably what you would really do in real combat?! R2 = Blind fire, L2 pops you out of cover, leaving you more vulnerable.

I understand that Halo is always a great game, I literally can't dispute that, but IMO KZ over Halo anyday.

Totally agreed with you, it's all about the art direction you prefer. Well said.

metalmatters1246d ago

why is Halo always so cartoonish and cheesy looking? that video showed me, what essentially Starwars by DICE will be like, except with low graphics fidelity. It looks like a 360 game for crying out loud

SmokingMonkey1246d ago

Exactly way to colorful for combat, but like spicelicka said, it's about what art direction you like.

The Helghast having bright red eyes in combat would be a bad idea. Like the colorful spartans, it's a gaming mechanic and art direction.

We see the Helghast eyes for a couple of reasons;

one) so we know who to shoot in the face, and can spot them as they face us.

two) it looks menacing as hell, red eyes have always been "scary"

Art direction for better gameplay.

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asadachi1246d ago

Halo plays very well and has a large following, but Killzone has always looked better IMO. I've only played Halo though.

xfiles20991246d ago

Killzone looks hands down better than Halo To me Halo has always had this cartoony feel. I like a realism look to my games. One of the reasons I have always hated Halo

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Toiletsteak1246d ago

They are pretty full of themselves.

Genuine-User1246d ago

So they should. Horizon looks exceptional.

Toiletsteak1246d ago

I am not saying it isn't but there is no need to be arrogant about it.

SmokingMonkey1246d ago

Yea, this could start a new trend..../s

RocketScienceLvlStuf1246d ago

You are acting like guerilla wrote the article. Infact it doesn't even contain a quote from them.

Nice try though troll.

Software_Lover1246d ago

I liked what I saw of the game, even though it was just one very very small segment. Looked promising

Eonjay1246d ago

I loved that the first thing they showed us was gameplay. It looks fantastic.

22CobraKing1246d ago

Horizon>>>>>Ris e of the tomb raider

Repjaws1246d ago

I get that Horizon looks awesome and all an I'm excited about the game too,it was the game of the show for me but why would you bring up Rise of the tomb raider?They are two entirely different games,the game is not even mentioned in the article.I get that you're excited but please don't troll.

Taero1245d ago

I assume because they both contain a strong female character in a non-city based setting where you have stealth and action elements, a bow as a main weapon, crafting from elements left behind by enemies/animals/the terrain and slightly 'supernatural' aspects (the AI/robot theme vs...idk sun goddess?) and finally they're both somewhat open world (TR was cut off into sections that did eventually open up, Horizon seems to be more along the lines of the Witcher 3).

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