E3 2015: Nintendo E3 Digital Event Review

Patrick Waring at GameCloud Australia writes:

"Nintendo, I distinctly recall saying last year “Never do that. Ever,” in regards to filling 50 minutes of conference time with content we’ve already seen. The change to pre-recorded “conferences” for E3 in the form of Nintendo Direct videos is a double-edged sword that you’ve clumsily used to cut out the legs from beneath yourself. (They’ll also be referred to as “Direct Conferences” from here on out.) Last years was so good because it was absolutely chockers with reveals and demos of new games, stuff that Nintendo fans had been waiting to get their hands on forever. It’s a year later, and there are still a few of the games shown and demoed from last year that have yet to be released. Hell, Australia only just got Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. I was expecting big things from you this year, Nintendo, and you’ve let me down."

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