E3 2015: Sony Is Not Making Any Big Vita Games

Sad news for Playstation Vita owners as Sony's President Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that the company will no longer be producing first-party AAA titles for the handheld.

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lodossrage1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

They said this like a year and a half ago,

Why is everyone acting like this is new?

And even just a month ago didn't Andrew House, said most of the support for the Vita from here on would be from localized imports from japan?

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Neonridr1403d ago

mostly isn't completely now is it?

This confirms that the only games coming to the Vita will be 3rd party and imports from Japan.

lodossrage1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

Obviously mostly and completely are two different things.

What point are you trying to make here?

It's still the same old news we already had. And it's the same story of most of the support will be from japan and indies.

It's the EXACT same thing they told us last year. The other half of that "most" comes from indies.

Neonridr1403d ago

@lodossrage - I don't remember Sony saying last year that they have dropped all 1st party support for the Vita, that's what I was getting at.

If you have an article you can dig up from last year then great, but I personally don't remember them saying it (doesn't mean they didn't of course).

This now cements that fact that the Vita is dead to Sony.

lodossrage1403d ago

No way in hell am I going to dig up that article here. But it IS at this site...somewhere

Which is why I said this is old news. If I could dig it up for you, I would. But that's like asking me to hit a target in total darkness with all the articles at this site, even in the Vita section alone.

Neonridr1403d ago

@lodossrage - forgive me, I wasn't challenging you to actually go and dig it up, this site is a clusterfu$k when it comes to digging up old stuff, lol.

I just meant that I don't personally remember them saying that specifically. If you say they did, I will take your word for it.

Regardless, it's pretty sad when the parent company basically abandons their own hardware and leaves it up to some indies and 3rd parties to try to carry it.

Can't say this will help the lifespan of the Vita.

Regardless, mine is a dedicated Remote Play device anyways.

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hockeyglory1403d ago

People are acting surprised because not everyone reads internet articles from execs.

Also, it is still surprising because in videogames, the hardware maker is one who always supports their own platform with quality first party games. Even to the end.

But what Sony is doing is still selling the system, but letting third party devs do the legwork.

someOnecalled1403d ago

Yea I'm kinda glad I sold it while it was worth something. It's no spinning this this is bad. I loved it while I had it but I felt I used it mostly for ports and internet, but felt like I was missing appz and feature that was on my phone. Like nice screen but no eBook?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1403d ago


Screw you Sony!!!

Rimeskeem1403d ago

That will probably be PS4

psychobabble1403d ago

Yes please! I can still remote play it to my Vita, so it's all good.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1402d ago

Does remote play output 60fps now?
If it doesnt and Gravity Rush 2 is 60pfps then I wont til it is.

psychobabble1402d ago

@OtakuDJK1NG Yes, they upgraded remote play to 60fps back at the end of March, and it's glorious! :)

nodim1399d ago

@psychobabble that's pretty much the disgusting attitude that killed the vita.

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nigelp5201403d ago

Cant they just port the good stuff from japan then?

Bathyj1403d ago

Its a shame but thats life. Sony gave people a good alternative to Nintendos Handhelds, but people didnt want it, at least not in the numbers required for sustainability.

People clearly want PS4 and thats where they should focus their efforts.

It is a pity because the hardware seems great and the games were good at first. Personally I think they killed it from the start with the memory cards. Should have went normal MicroSD cards from the start to keep the price down and give people options. I think Vita would have been bigger had they done that.

Svinya1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

It's not that people didn't want it, it's the retarded design decisions by sony that killed the Vita, namely the memory cards that were overpriced by a factor of 3x.

LifeInNZ1403d ago

Sony would have been better to create a form fitting cradle for their smartphones that basically turned them into a Vita. No, im not thinking some bulky 3rd party grip but something that when slotted in would look like a Vita.

Imagine, a phone that could access the Android store plus the PS Store for the more advanced mobile games. Applicable Android games would also benefit from physical controls. The tech in the Vita is old school now so could easily form the basis of smartphone internals so it didnt have to cost the earth to produce.

pivotplease1403d ago

Not cool. They barely gave the system a chance to breathe. PSP and many of their home consoles take years to really hit their stride.

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