Testing Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility And Win 10 Streaming With The Xbox One Is A Double Win

INQ: Xbox One Preview Program members received an update to their consoles to go along with Microsoft’s E3 media briefing that enabled backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360 and the ability to stream gameplay to their Windows 10 devices. I decided to go whole hog by testing out the ability to play Xbox 360 games on my Xbox One by streaming to my Windows 10 PC. And, I recorded it using the GameDVR feature built into the new operating system. This all worked surprisingly well to be in a preview release mode and could help sway existing Xbox 360 owners to stick with Xbox.

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endi1231223d ago

I like the idea of playing 360 games on x1 with my 360 friend's on xbox live

medman1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I get how people want backward compatibility, and I definitely see it as a plus, but I don't know many people who actually use it alot. Personally, I want new great games and experiences to play, not to go back and re-play games I've already played multiple times.

I still own a 360 and ps3, with a large library of games for both of them, and the only games I have returned to play in the last two years is the Uncharted trilogy. That's not suggesting in future years I won't replay the original Gears, or Mass Effect, or Bioshock, for example. But I've played hundreds of hours with those games already, and the more time that goes by, the more I want those games to live as the masterpieces they were in my memory. Going back to them and playing them will only show the flaws, the clunky mechanics, the old gamepad inadequecies, the now by comparison unimpressive visuals, etc. etc. etc. In fact, I have a rather sizable backlog of new current gen games to work through, much less looking backwards.

And I think in the coming years, the older consoles will drop even more in price so anyone who may have sold their 360 or ps3 to help fund ps4 or xbone will be able to pick one up super cheap if they wish. The one thing I think this move by Microsoft may do is force Sony to lower it's psnow pricing. If that happens, then this backwards compatibility option for xbox is even more of a moot point, in my opinion.

theRell1223d ago

I did this exact thing last night with Perfect Dark, really happy to see it work so nicely.

Eidolon1223d ago

Any issues, does it look/run better?

traumadisaster1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I wish the resolution of the monitor could somehow be used to make the game look better, I would love to up res RDR and such to 4096x2160.

...before some wise guy says the polygons aren't going to look good, I've been at 4k before x1 was announced and yes, anything looks better in a higher resolution.

Bigpappy1223d ago

I am shocked that some so called gamers are trying to play BC as some kind of negative, lol

XanderZane1223d ago

Only the biased trolls of the competition is doing this. Anyone with an XB1 is loving the B/C announcement. This easily beats PSNow's streaming and fees by a mile and the trolls know this. That is why they are trying to spin this as a negative. I can't wait for this feature to go live. I'm going to move many of my XBox 360 games to my XB1 since I have a 4TB HDD. I'm out of memory on my XBox 360.

whitesoxfalife19761223d ago

cuz some of those so called gamers aren't part of the preview club, so they want to downplay it and same goes for those Sony players. This is great news for us xbox gamers who have a large collection of games physical and/or digital.

Dread1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Bighappy dont be coy

u have been in n4g for a few years, you know very well who those "gamers" are.

On Point:
Their is no logical way to argue that BC is a bad thing for gamers. Only those who do not have it and prefer certain paid services to be able to play games they already bought, think that this is a bad idea.

whitesoxfalife19761223d ago

seriously dread there are some 360 players don't like the idea of it either. I hear the why wud I want to sell my 360 for when I have extra port on my TV..Yeah very lame argument from them and the fact some whining cuz favorite game isn't on the list yet. And some are confused period. I say fuck'm I'm enjoying it and to each its own

tjg591223d ago

Yeah I know pay $350 to play last gen games that's awesome

OldDude1223d ago

So instead you would rather pay $400 and not to be able to. You are smart, you make us go.

Team_Litt1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Yes, because that's all it can play right? Let's forget all the great xbox one games it plays. No rather let's make a bigger deal about paying to stream games we already own and downplay the ability to play them natively!
Going by your logic it is preferable to pay $400 to pay $30 monthly to play games you might already own.

xfiles20991223d ago

It is not a negative I just think If I wanted to play 360 games I would of kept my 360. To me I would hardly use it. My son has a 360 after I bought him a PS4 he has not touched the 360 that was a year ago. I think newer games is what most people want.

vallencer1223d ago

Yeah newer games are what most people want but how is getting the ability a bad thing?? I personally hate all the clutter of having a bunch of systems around. Plus they're just updating the system so I can. I might never use it but it's there.

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Shazz1223d ago

Can't wait till I can play the likes of Alan wake and dead rising on my x1 and broadcast :) really hope they add more games to preview members monthly

vallencer1223d ago

I think a lot of people are grazing over that fact about the BC. Basically it's treating the game like an Xbox one game. Capture video, screen shot, broadcast it's all there for the old games. I think it'll help revitalize old games again. It's just awesome all around.

LifeInNZ1223d ago

I was completely surprised by the announcement of BC and will definitely be using it to dust off some of my favorite 360 games. Im also looking forward to stream X1 games to my Alienware laptop so I can play Titanfall whilst the wife is watching her favorite mind numbing shows.

Mulletino1222d ago

Your going to love it! I sometimes stream remote play to my phone or ps vita when the wife it is on the big TV. Hopefully PS will add pc stream as well.

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