Editors' Choice: The Best Games of E3 2015

Editors from across the Gamereactor network have weighed in with personal picks for their favourite of the show. Warning: may cause arguments.

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curtis921220d ago

in regards to new, unannounced IPs: Horizon and Recore. And Sea of Thieves

Dark-Funeral1220d ago

Recore and Horizon

the only (new) IP that are very very interesting to me

I loved their Art, concept and music

Erik73571220d ago

At-least you are 100% sure what horizon will kinda look like, not recore which was only a cinematic trailer.

Horizon I liked just because they showed all gameplay and the trailer went into a demo.

I feel like Sony really listened to complaints of last e3 for lack of demos.

christocolus1220d ago


Horizon looked really good,I hope it turns out awesome,can't wait to play it. Recore also got me hyped ,the devs behind it have made some pretty amazing games in the past(lost planet, onimusha, dead rising,metroid etc).its releasing spring 2016 so i hope we get to see some gameplay at Gamescom.

nucky641220d ago

opening paragraph from the article:
"We should probably start things off by mentioning that Horizon: Zero Dawn was overwhelmingly popular across Gamereactor's editorial team, and if there's one game that could be considered our "best of E3" it would probably be Guerrilla's new science fiction IP - simply put, it blew us away when it was revealed during Sony's press conference earlier this week, and we had to turn more than one editor to their second choice game in order to maintain a nice mix of titles in the list below."

is anyone really surprised?

Utalkin2me1220d ago

Not surprised at all and on top of that it showed actual gameplay and not a cgi trailer.

xHeavYx1220d ago

Careful man, that much salt may cause hypertension.

Erik73571220d ago

I was not surprised at announcement.....I was surprised of the gameplay and demo though. That's why Horizon would still be the biggest surprise for me.

uth111220d ago

Same here, I heard the rumors they were working on an open-world RPG with robo-dinos, and it STILL blew me away, which I didn't expect.

PizzaSteve1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Horizon really wowed me. Guerrilla got some talented people. I wish they make a Transformers game.

Takwin1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I appreciated Sony's big three white whale announcements, but for me personally, Horizon and Uncharted are the games I look forward to play the most. I cannot even imagine a scenario where either one of those games gets less than a 9/10 average. They will have everything I want from a game.

Looking back 3-5 years from now, it will be Horizon that will stand tall as a new IP needing sequels. Naughty will always be the masters and the big 3 reveals show their fan dedication, but Horizon was OMFG amazing.

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Dark-Funeral1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

will I s fallout in the second page

it was a good E3 compared to the last year

XanderZane1220d ago

Fallout 4 was on the 2nd page. It was on their list. I have to say they have a great list of games for Editors Choice. I want just about all those games on that list. The next year is going to be an exciting time to be a gamer. I'm going to be even more broke then I am already.

Perjoss1220d ago

Loved seeing more of Fallout 4 and DOOM, Horizon looked amazing too.

MasterCornholio1220d ago

I really liked Horizon especially the gameplay is section of the trailer.

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