Card Dungeon - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

At a glance, Card Dungeon reminded me a bit of Card Hunter, a game that I really enjoyed when I first played it. I described it then as 'comfort food' - something that felt familiar yet unique and was easily accessible. Card Dungeon has a similar sort of visual aesthetic, but the style of game is completely different, far less 'relaxing', but also very rewarding.

It is worth noting right out of the gates that Card Dungeon is a roguelike. That means you will die, probably die lots, and it has a system that is reminiscent of the Souls titles. If you perish, you have the opportunity to return to your last known location to recover all of your loot. However, should you die before getting your gear back - well... you lose all of what was on the first corpse and simply have to get to your most recent one. It's a familiar enough mechanic by now that players should know what to expect.

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